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1 September, 2018

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An IMF official said: “We are in full support of the need to undertake land reforms…” (Oh, “land reforms”! Riiiggghhht. That’s exactly what the communists always say before they steal your land. That’s what the communists said in Nicaragua circa 1980) [1]. Anyway: Surprise! The IMF (International Monetary Fund) supports the idea of confiscating land […]

5 July, 2015

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Greece borrowed $40 billion from the International Monetary Fund in 2010, and then couldn’t make the payments on the loan. It defaulted on the IMF. Greece also borrowed money from other Eurozone members. This default will be painful for Greece at first, but it will be a good thing in the end. Greece couldn’t continue […]

14 February, 2015

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(Above: Harry Dexter White, a Soviet spy and a Jew) “Jew job #1” is always to get a nation into debt. And in exchange for the international loan, Ukraine will be required to join NATO and embrace Big Jew’s NWO agenda. The IMF (International Monetary Fund) was almost entirely created by the Jewish government official […]

27 March, 2014

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Immediately after siding with the “West,” the Ukraine – which was formerly Jewed by the communist Lazar Kaganovich – signs a global deal with the EU that commits it to a wide variety of international Jew mandates, including “gender equality.” [1]. Also, note the $18 billion dollar IMF bailout package for the Ukraine, which was […]

2 March, 2014

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In the New World Order, all humans will behave in a certain way, or else. [Article].

25 January, 2014

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(Above: The Jew, Trotsky, attacks Russia circa 1917. Jews are still attacking Eastern Europe, but now their methods are different. Now they use briefcases and pens but if that fails, they use street demonstrators and rioters) The Jews and the internationalists (this of course includes America) are angry because the Ukraine won’t “play ball” with […]

17 December, 2011

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After years of being ass-reamed by Jewish communists and leftists, Hungary is finally saying “enough!” – but does it have permission from the “international community” to do that? How will the EU and IMF react to Hungary’s showing signs of “growing a pair”? [Article] (the Der Spiegel article has vanished from the web).

27 May, 2011

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But don’t get the idea that a disproportionate number of international powerplayers are Jews, because that would be anti-Sem…Sem…Semantics. [Article]. More about Lipsky [Here].

17 May, 2011

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Oy, veh, anti-Semitism is increasing! Just 4 years ago, the Jewish boss of IMF’s sister organization, the World Bank, faced a scandal and resigned. Now this. When, oh, when will evil gentiles stop plotting against God’s Chosen People? (By the way, the Jewish communist Harry Dexter White was the main architect of the IMF and […]