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21 September, 2007

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This is getting ridiculous. First, women wanted to work down at the office instead of raising kids at home. But now that they’re at work, they want the rules changed to suit them. That’s nonsense. The West was built by White men, and it must be run by White men. If you’ve got a womb, […]

20 September, 2007

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“Eastern Promises” is a new film about Russian mobsters in London. Does this movie portray any of the characters in it as Jewish? [1][2]: [Review]. [1] the Russian mob mentioned as being mostly Jewish: [Here] [2] about the movie’s director, Cronenberg: [Here]

19 September, 2007

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Racial diversity doesn’t seem to working out as promised by the Jews and their useful idiots, the liberals. In fact, it’s likely that within the next 30 years many liberals are going to be having second thoughts about racial diversity, when crime rates are sky-high and negro-staffed government offices can’t function properly. Indeed, Dr. Pierce […]

19 September, 2007

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Senator Kennedy offers it as an amendment to the defense department authorization bill H.R.1585. Of course, hate-crime laws were originally created by Jewish activism [1]. In fact, what was likely the world’s first hate-crime law came from a Jewish-built state, i.e., the Soviet Union [2]: [Article]. [1] about early hate-crime laws: [Here] [2] about the […]

18 September, 2007

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The DREAM Act returns: [Article].

17 September, 2007

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Hillary Clinton has another universal health care plan. Women naturally like the idea of “universal” this or “universal” that, since most of them embrace equality. What a coincidence: Marxists also embrace equality. Hillary’s plan: [Here]. Much can be said about what happens when women become involved in politics. Professor Lott says it well: [Here]. More […]

16 September, 2007

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Bush picks a Jewish judge for Attorney General: [Here] Mukasey is apparently an Orthodox Jew: (scroll down to post #2): [Here].

15 September, 2007

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Parents object to a video shown to their kids at school. About the controversy: [Here] About the video: [Here] About the video’s Jewish director/producer, Chasnoff: [Here] and [Here].

14 September, 2007

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[Article] More on the SPLC: [Here] and [Here].

13 September, 2007

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The West is under the heel of political correctness [1]. Duke talks about it: [Article] [1] about political correctness: [Here]