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11 August, 2012

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Jews control the media and Hollywood? You gotta be kiddin’! What about book publishing? Wall Street investment banks? The Federal Reserve system? The political Left? Maybe that would be saying too much at once… [Article].

13 June, 2012

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But you already guessed that, didn’t you, with all the wars being fought for Israel? (i.e., the Gulf War, Iraq, Afghanistan). How did the Jews gain control of Congress? It started early. Indeed, the Jews have a long history of using political pressure to force gentiles into cooperating with the Jewish agenda. For example, back […]

9 January, 2012

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Judaism – a creed of hate posing as ‘just another religion’ – will not be criticized by either the Left or the Right, which means it has a free pass in the Western world, unlike Christianity or Islam. [Article].

1 January, 2012

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Good reading for newbies who aren’t familiar with the colossal farce that was Nuremberg, a.k.a. Jew’emberg. Not only did Jews like Murray Bernays and David “Mickey” Marcus plan the Nuremberg show trials, they even picked many of the judges and prosecutors. Some of the Frankfurt School teachers were there, and Hermann Göring’s interpreter was a […]

19 July, 2011

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Who cares if a few people are uncertain? Powerful Jews are counting on you to buy bonds. Don’t let them down! (By the way, the first government bonds were sold in 1693 to raise money for Britain for a war against France. Traditionally, Jews have been bond dealers, acting as agents for White governments). [Article].

18 April, 2011

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Old Jewish saying: “If you can’t wreck the West with communism, you can wreck it with Jewish money-magic!” (Ok, I admit it, that really isn’t an old Jewish saying. I made it up. But how true it is!). Anyway, a key part of the Bretton Woods II agenda is to enable the creation of money […]

17 January, 2011

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What on earth is an “Italian Jew”? There’s no such thing. There are “Jews who happen to live in Italy.” But there are no “Italian Jews.” That’s like saying that someone’s a “Swedish Chinaman.” He’s either one, or the other. Not both. To put it another way, wherever Jews go in the world, they are […]

20 December, 2010

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Oprah Winfrey will soon have her own TV network, known as “OWN” (Oprah Winfrey Network). A curious acronym, eh? Oprah is easily the most powerful Black in America, not counting Obama. (I’ve always found it interesting that so many White soccer-moms watch Oprah’s TV show religiously). Speaking of Oprah, it is often said that behind […]

15 December, 2010

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What kind of a guy can be a Peace Corps volunteer and an investment banker and threaten the Serbs as a U.S. diplomat? A Jew, that’s what kind. Like hookers, Jews “get around.” Don’t let the apple-pie surname “Holbrooke” fool you. God’s Chosen are mask-wearers and shape-shifters, becoming whatever they need to become in order […]

19 May, 2010

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To any minority group, a U.S. Senate seat is like gold, and, in addition, Specter was powerful and influential, having served on numerous Senate committees and subcommittees. Oy, veh… [Article].