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13 March, 2022

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…they ask for some water. Why? Because it’s free! (rimshot). Where do you send Jewish kids with Attention Deficit Disorder? To a concentration camp! (rimshot). How was copper wire invented? Two Jews were fighting over a penny! (rimshot). When you’re talking about the Left, you’re really talking about the Judeo-Left, since so many powerful leftists […]

1 March, 2015

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(Above: victims of the Soviet Union’s secret police, called the NKVD, which was run by Genrikh Yagoda, a vicious Jew who was later purged by Stalin) Do you think Nazism was a murderous ideology? Well, Nazism was child’s play compared to this ideology. This ideology has murdered and oppressed tens of millions of innocent people. […]

30 November, 2008

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“The inconsistency goes even further. Jewish organisations are as one in condemning Western societies, Western traditions, and Christianity, for past crimes against Jews. Yet they never talk about Jewish crimes.” Yep. The Ukrainian holocaust was carried out by Stalin’s top henchman, Lazar M. Kaganovich (above), a Jew from the Ukraine who must have felt perverse […]

6 October, 2008

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Is Romania also going to build a memorial to all of the gentiles who were murdered by the Jewish communists? [1]: [Article]. [1] a list of Jews in the Romanian, communist government (scroll about 3/4 down the page): [Here]

14 September, 2008

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It’s bad enough that the Ukrainian people suffered terribly under the Jewish, communist thug Lazar Kaganovich. Now, Ukraine’s culture is being kiked again, this time with an off-shoot of communism, i.e., egalitarianism, another specialty of the self-chosen: [Article].

19 April, 2008

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America is really, really interested in the former Soviet states, including Georgia and her breakaway republics Abkhazia and South Ossetia. Why the interest? America and her allies plan to surround Russia with NATO-member countries, just in case Russia doesn’t follow NWO/JWO guidelines. The Jews don’t trust Russia, so neither does America/her allies. (Russia is full […]

18 November, 2007

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Margolis says what other writers should have been saying decades ago [1]: [Article]. [1] according to the Zundelsite, Margolis is half-Jewish: [Here]

13 September, 2007

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It isn’t likely that Israel will aid in the investigation of any Jew. Indeed, recall the case of the infamous Salomon (a.k.a. Solomon) Morel, a communist Jew who committed horrible crimes against gentiles and who later fled to Israel [1]. In almost all cases, Israel is a safe haven for any Jew accused of a […]