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17 March, 2009

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Marxism, individualism, neoconservatism: Jewish ideas are surprisingly popular with gentiles. (Note how Jewess Rand comes off sounding fascist here): [Article].

6 March, 2009

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Look – it’s a Jewish money-magician waving his magic wand! (*Poof!*) He just created millions of dollars out of thin air! (*Poof!*) He did it again! Is there no end to his magical powers? [1]: [Article]. [1] American “dollars” aren’t dollars anymore but are instead Federal Reserve Notes. Legally speaking, a dollar is 371.25 grains […]

4 February, 2009

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It’s another William Pierce Wednesday. “Hello! Today let’s begin by talking about individualism and individualists. I’m using those words in a special sense. In this broadcast today when I say ‘individualist’ I mean a person who habitually fails to consider or to give proper weight to the group context in which he belongs when viewing […]

19 September, 2008

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by Jewish libertarian Murray Rothbard: (a .pdf file) [Here].

15 September, 2007

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NAUGHTY LEWPUS STEALS FROM VNN! FOX: ‘We Distort, You Deride’Posted by Lew Rockwell at 01:52 PM FOX was founded, never let it be forgotten, by neocon billionaire Rupert Murdoch; he put in charge of it Republican campaign consultant and Bush family retainer, Roger Ailes. Thus FOX’s role in fomenting a criminal war against Iraq, and […]

28 August, 2007

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It wasn’t surprising to learn that the Jewish filmmaker Aaron Russo – who died a few days ago and whose death was mentioned by VNN – wasn’t merely a libertarian but was a libertarian activist who was once a presidential candidate. Why wasn’t it surprising? Because libertarianism is a Jewish movement posing as a freedom […]

13 February, 2007

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Here a chronic not-getter attempts to shame the NAACP. Great strategy, bozotarian. Yeah, that’ll work. Niggers can’t remember what they did, let alone why. You’re not going to guilt them like white suckers. The nig in the case you cite was defended by the NAACP not because he was innocent but because he was black. […]

7 February, 2007

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Came across this on a search, a blast from the past. Bob Wallace writing his own personal “Up from Libertarianism,” in which the former LRC writer documents the cowardice of his libertarian buddies-until-it-gets-real. White nationalists do right and fear no man. Libertarians do drugs and fear everyone.

29 August, 2006

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Good stuff, worth a rehash every now and then in underlining our mutual point that the “freedom” lovers are the last people in the world to defend real, actual freedom where it meets the censors – in 2006 that means men speaking the truth to Holocaust powers, and men speaking the truth about race.

1 April, 2006

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The philosopher Thomas Hobbes believed that there can never be harmony in a community unless there is a government; some person or group exercising the power to coerce the rest. As Hans-Hermann Hoppe has pointed out, it is a logical consequence of this view that if 2 men live together, isolated from other people, one […]