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21 April, 2006

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[The last thing in the world we need are millions more of these hapless, brainless shitskins in formerly civilized USA. But we’ll get them until the day we decide to do something about hymie. NO WAY OUT BUT THROUGH THE JEW.] A man snaps a photo from his cellphone of a protest of nude farmers […]

13 April, 2006

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By James R. Mestizos Are A Short, Brown, Stupid Hybrid Race Prone to Disease, Violence and Criminality. That’s a big problem. Nothing new below. You know this or should. Just a reminder of the basics. What is Mexico? Mexico is a geographic location, a geo-political place on the map. What is a Mestizo? A Mestizo […]

26 March, 2006

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Morning, Alex.   I came across this  (,2933,189110,00.html ) on FOX this morning. I wondered what was happening as I drove through LA on I-5 yesterday. Now I know. When I saw the Mexcrement flags being flown from overpasses all along my route, I expressed my hearty displeasure with the Mono-Digit Salute. Good thing there wasn’t […]

22 March, 2006

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Mexcrement Family Values Mom Was Son’s Booster During Gang Rape, Authorities Say The Anaheim attack is payback by gang members mad at the victim’s boyfriend, officials believe. Ten people are charged. By Sara Lin, Times Staff Writer March 14, 2006 A mother who authorities say cheered on her son and his gangster friends as they […]