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26 May, 2009

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by Alex Kurtagic. “One would think that an award-winning journalist writing for a national ‘quality’ newspaper and with access to some of the most eminent personages of the age would be capable of penning an intelligent article about an unconventional politician, providing novel insights and depth of analysis where his lesser peers would have been […]

23 February, 2009

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How is “love your race” racist? [Article].

11 February, 2009

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“Real estate racism” is actually rare, because under the Civil Rights Act of 1968, a.k.a, the Fair Housing Act, which came from Jewish congressman Emanuel Celler, if you are a homeowner who is selling or renting a home, it’s illegal for you to favor any buyer or renter based on race. In other words, you […]

20 December, 2008

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A “White enclave”? Aren’t those illegal these days? If they’re not, maybe congressman Goldwitzfeld can introduce a bill… [Article].

29 November, 2008

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A question for the SPLC: If mild-mannered VDARE is a White nationalist, “hate” website, why does it publish columns written by Asians and Jews? The truth about racial supremacism is that the Jews were the first people in history to state, as official doctrine, that they were superior to other humans, that they were “God’s […]

21 November, 2008

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The Republican Party is often labeled by its opponents as a party of “racist White people.” Here’s a good indicator of how false that label is: [Article].

7 October, 2008

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by J. P. Rushton and A. R. Jensen: (a .pdf file): [Here].

26 August, 2008

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A rarity these days: a White man who won’t apologize for truth-telling: [Article].

6 July, 2008

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The trial is almost over. The two men – Simon Sheppard, owner of the website, and Luke O’Farrell, a writer/contributor to – are in court for truth-telling, i.e., for violating the Public Order Act, which outlaws publishing or distributing “racial hatred.” It’s hard to imagine how the British government could charge Sheppard and […]

5 July, 2008

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Re: the newspaper’s executive editor: note that the surname “Solomon” is often a Jewish name: [Article].