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11 January, 2008

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Maybe the economic outlook would be better without the Federal Reserve’s own policies, e.g., for decades it has actually created inflation by making too much money available [1]. More money available = it’s worth less (which is also true of other things, such as pens or screwdrivers). Further, why does the Federal Reserve, a private […]

9 January, 2008

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by David Duke: [Here].

9 January, 2008

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Why apologize? Slavery was the best thing to happen to Blacks [1]. Now they can read and write, they have cars and refrigerators, and a few have college degrees. When are the Blacks going to apologize to Whites for killing, robbing and raping them for the past 50 years (i.e., after Blacks lost their fear […]

8 January, 2008

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What are the odds: on the day of the important New Hampshire primary, two unflattering articles about Paul are published, one written by a “gay” Jew (Kirchick) and one written by a presumed Jew (Koffler)? [1][2][3]. Okay, Paul could have done better in this primary. But don’t forget: a) several Republicans will quit the presidential […]

7 January, 2008

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by Edgar J. Steele (Note: Fox’s Rupert Murdoch apparently had a Jewish mother: [Here]): [Article].

7 January, 2008

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The war on Israel’s enemies – also known as the “war on terror” – now includes laptop file searches. How is this much different from the government entering someone’s home and reading his personal papers without a search warrant? This is a fine example of how our privacy has eroded since Sept. 11, 2001: [Article].

6 January, 2008

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“Early” means two weeks before the actual Martin Luther King, Jr. holiday on January 21. (Note that King’s top adviser was the Jewish communist Stanley Levison, and, that King stole large parts of his doctoral thesis) [1][2]: [Article]. [1] Helms mentions Levison: [Here] [2] King and plagiarism: [Here]

5 January, 2008

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by Charley Reese: [Here].

5 January, 2008

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Paul did okay in the Iowa caucuses, but expect him to get more support in the New Hampshire primary on Tuesday. That state has more independent voters than Iowa does: [Article]. More about New Hampshire, Paul and the Fox News debate, which Paul will apparently not appear in: [Here].

5 January, 2008

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One of the best artists of the 20th century, Rockwell’s reputation went downhill as the Jews took control of most of the art world. His work was criticized as being corny sentiment which featured an America that never really existed. (Predictably, Rockwell received praise from his critics when some of his later works addressed racial […]