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18 July, 2007

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One way or another, the Jews will put Russia on a leash, because they must. Russia is a large, powerful, White country with lots of nuclear weapons and a population that, on the whole, is Jew-aware and therefore anti-yahoodi. Russia also arms Arab states and shows too many signs of nationalism and anti-NWOism [1]. (And […]

17 July, 2007

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The U.S. Supreme Court has handed down some landmark decisions over the years – for example, Brown v. Board of Education in 1954 [1]. Will Parker v. District of Columbia, a gun-control case, be the next important high court ruling? Will goy control suffer a huge setback? Will Jewish gun-banners have to get real jobs? […]

15 July, 2007

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The illegitimate state of Israel gets the green light to bomb Iran. Israel has a long history of attacking other countries, e.g., it bombed Iraq in June 1981 and has attacked Egypt twice [1][2]: [Article] [1] the 1981 attack on Iraq: [Here] [2] wars which were started by Israel: [Here]

15 July, 2007

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Will more thoughts be criminalized for Jewish benefit? [1]. (Judaism is a hate ideology, since it’s based on bigotry towards gentiles. That would mean that any hostile action which is taken by, or on behalf of, Jews against gentiles is a “hate crime” [2][3]. So, for example, the Jewish-led civil rights revolution, which unleashed negroes […]

14 July, 2007

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Why can’t the public view the Holocaust files on the internet? One possibility: bad gentiles might conclude that the “6 million Jews” death number is fake [1]: [Article] [1] about the taxpayer-funded museum: [Here] and [Here]

13 July, 2007

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“Children of Holocaust Survivors to Sue Germany”: [Article]

13 July, 2007

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Item #1: Why are Jewish senators Schumer and Lautenberg only holding Libya accountable? What about Israel’s false-flagging of Libya? [1]: [Article] Item #2: It’s unlikely that this setback will dampen Bloomberg’s enthusiasm for gun control. He is, of course, only one of a number of Jews involved in gun control activity. In fact, most of […]

12 July, 2007

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This guy’s palsy isn’t the issue. Is it good art? Is it Western? Does it reflect our culture, heritage and values? Further, how did Picasso – a member of the French communist party and a finger painter at best – become a god in the art world? [1]: [Article] [1] about modern art: [Here]

12 July, 2007

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Came across this by Ernst Zundel…   The Nationalist Socialist movement was structured as an ideology behind a political party, although outwardly legitimized for the immediate emergency task of saving the German nation and its people from the allure of atheist Marxism. Hitler’s attempt, although recognized only by his most ardent enemies, was his tentative, […]

11 July, 2007

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“Holy poop! That’s such a coincidence: I have a gut feeling, too!” says Rabbi Solomon Steinbergfeld as he sits behind a desk at his toilet-paper factory in New York City. “Using the ‘war on terror’ as a pretext, America will wage a proactive, global, century-long war against the enemies of not just Israel but of […]