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31 May, 2016

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Jews and liberals cannot build and nurture civilizations, they can only tear them down. They can only nation-wreck. They don’t have the mental equipment to nation-build and nation-manage. They’re like an 8-year-old with the keys to mommy’s Cadillac: they might start the car but they’ll soon crash it. (By the way, it’s not a coincidence […]

29 May, 2016

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(Above: a U.S. soldier who was executed by communist forces, Korea, circa 1951. President Harry Truman had no legal authority to send U.S. troops to Korea. Only Congress can declare war, and it didn’t. Congress has not declared war since World War II. Odd, huh?). This Memorial Day, let us remember all of the innocent […]

28 May, 2016

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28 May, 2016

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“He goes so far as to argue that Nazism, while containing elements of fascism, is not entitled to be regarded—as it always is regarded—as a species of fascism proper, much less as the quintessential expression of fascism.” Hitler said that Nazism was not Fascism. He probably said that because Mussolini’s fascism wasn’t racial, while Nazism […]

27 May, 2016

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Citizen: “I thought we were an All-American city”? City Official: “We are! We have Chinese citizens, Vietnamese citizens, Lebanese citizens, Congolese citizens and every other “-ese” citizen that you can imagine! We have gays, transvestites, transgenders, transspecies, necrophilics, bestialphilics, wannabe serial killers, communists, socialists, anarchists, heroin addicts, acid-heads, belly-button lint collectors, people who worship liverwurst, […]

26 May, 2016

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“We were almost free then. What the hell happened?” — paraphrasing a quote I saw on the internet about the 1970s vs. today.

26 May, 2016

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Mother: “Honey, maybe you should see a psychologist about your feelings of being, uhhm, a genderqueer, pangender, two-spirit bi-homo.” Loving Daughter: “I’m not a genderqueer, pangender, two-spirit bi-homo, you homophobic, White, bourgeois bitch. For your information, I’m a non-op, pangender, multi-sexual, genderqueer, butch-fem boygirl!” [Article] and [Article].

25 May, 2016

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Liberals are nothing if not arrogant. Any law they don’t like they ignore. Why aren’t federal officials arresting San Franqueersco officials for violating federal law? [1]. [Article]. . [1] federal law prohibits “aiding or abetting” illegal aliens

25 May, 2016

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by Dr. William Pierce. […] “Some of these Politically Correct Whites are so steeped in the lie of equality that they don’t believe such a startling difference between the races could exist. After all, they have been told all their lives by the public schools and the government and the controlled media that Blacks and […]

23 May, 2016

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Uhhh, excuse me? How did a murderous, communist country (China) get onto the UN “Security Council,” for fuck’s sake? That reflects very, very badly on the UN and the so-called “Security Council.” China is an illegitimate country. That’s right: not legit. Why? Because, from Chairman Mao onward, its communist leaders were not lawfully elected or […]