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18 December, 2010

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“Gay pride” events on Marine Corps bases? That idea would’ve been funny 25 years ago. Now, in a huge victory for cultural Marxism, homosexuals will be able to serve openly in the U.S. military. (Trivia: the pro-homosexual lobby is overwhelmingly Jewish): [Article].

25 November, 2010

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Located on “international” (!) land in New York City, the UN pushes cultural Marxism onto the American public. Strangely, American leaders allow that pushing to continue, decade after decade. The Jewish, U.S. State Department official Leo Pasvolsky wrote the UN charter. (NATO came from the UN charter). [Article].

25 August, 2010

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Because you’re hooman, see, you automatically have special rights that other animals don’t have, see? (Ask a Jewish expert – like René Cassin). But these hooman rights will vary greatly, depending on various factors, e.g., whether you are White, non-White, female, poor, a leftist, a homosexual, etc. If you’re a conservative, White male, you have […]

17 August, 2010

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Years ago, when America was still a White republic, there existed private-property rights, which protected business owners. But today, thanks to Jews like congressman Emanuel Celler, those rights are gone. Now, the federal government tells you who you can hire and fire: [Article] and [Article]. More about the EEOC (scroll down the page about half-way) […]

14 August, 2010

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Interest payments, psychoanalysis, Christianity, poop jokes, anti-racism/C.O.T.O., dick-snipping – isn’t it strange how Jewish things become White things? [1] [2]: [Article]. [1] the Old Testament is Jewish [2] C.O.T.O. = the Championing Of The Other, a main (or perhaps the main) feature of leftist ideology

6 August, 2010

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Another federal judge voids another state law. Why do states even exist? Why doesn’t the federal government just dissolve all of the states and then rename America? Here’s a possible name: “People’s Democratic Republic of Boasheimer” (after Franz Boas and Max Horkheimer): [Article].

30 July, 2010

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It’s true – the British are more inclined to embrace the NWO/JWO. Maybe it’s all that tea they drink… [Article].

9 July, 2010

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Note that Rep. Frank is a Jew and also a homosexual [1]. Almost every human-equality law came from a Jewish politician, e.g., Emanuel Celler’s 1964 Civil Rights Act: [Article]. [1] Rep. Frank introduced bill H.R. 4173 in December 2009

2 June, 2010

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Maybe if they pass enough laws and mandates… [Article].

15 May, 2010

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As I read the comments section today, a thought suddenly occurred to me: I rarely hear liberalism/cultural Marxism/egalitarianism called a “sickness” in the real sense of that word [1]. But let’s think about it for a few minutes, ok? Shouldn’t we be publicly calling it a sickness? Isn’t it an actual mental illness – like […]