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15 October, 2016

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Is there any country that the Jews didn’t rape? Alex Linder, Donald Day and others comment on the rape of Latvia by communist Jews circa 1940/1941. “It was the Jews who participated in the introduction of the Red Terror against the very Latvians who had given them refuge and shelter from countries which had vomited […]

12 August, 2016

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Just as communism was an attack on White, Western culture, so is Political Correctness (a.k.a. Cultural Marxism). Now that America’s culture has become Soviet-like, maybe our country needs a new nickname – something to better reflect the Leninesque atmosphere of today? How about Amereeka, since it reeks of PC baloney no matter where you go. […]

1 January, 2016

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In 2015, it’s a compliment to be called “uneducated.” It means that you haven’t wasted your time in Marxist brainwashing facilities known as “universalistities”, er, uh, “universities.” You can actually think rationally![1]. In fact, I can’t imagine why anyone would attend a university today: go into debt and get a liberal brainwashing at the same […]

21 September, 2015

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“The view that immigrants are interchangeable ignores the costs of multiculturalism in terms of increased conflict, lack of willingness to contribute to public goods like health care, and social cohesion. Thus it’s one thing for the US to have immigrants from various parts of Europe; they have assimilated very well. It’s quite another thing to […]

15 June, 2015

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He reads excerpts from a book about feminism called “The Feminization of American Culture” by Ann Douglas (1977). Intro. Chapter 1. [More here at VNN Forum].

28 April, 2015

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Various books being read by the one and only Alex Linder. This is both fun and educational! [VNN Forum thread].

19 November, 2014

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by Dr. William Pierce. […] “Perhaps your friend has an interest in civil liberties: in things like freedom of speech. Then begin by talking with him about two men who were sent to prison in Switzerland just last week because one of them wrote a book the Jews don’t like and the other one published […]

18 June, 2014

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by Alex Linder. […] “Reproducing Rape (1993), by Gregory M. Matoesian. Study in the verbal encoding of patriarchal modes of domination simultaneously at multiple levels but with particular close focus on language as formally and interactively employed or occurring in rape trials. What leftists see is what they will try to do themselves. So, this […]

12 June, 2014

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The Pure Meat! Pure Gold! Show, AKA The “Hotdog” Podcast (#10; 06-11-14) [Here]. – what’s new at VNN (writings I posted monday: book notes, movie thumbs, On Writing column, On Strategy column, Idee Midden: Writer’s Notebook; new update/plans for; ADF books added to pdf thread) – my bookshelf (went through one shelf: the religious […]

9 June, 2014

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by Alex Linder. […] “Because WN has been led by intellectually limited religious conservatives, or, more accurately, by those appealing to them, it has never been able to get beyond the bugbear of respectability. But appealing to selfish bourgeois, no matter how smart or rich they are, doesn’t work. It’s not me saying this either, […]