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6 February, 2009

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Black religious cults and small, White communities don’t mix, and that was proven in Miracle Valley, in southern Arizona, in the early 1980s. The Black violence that occurred there included a shoot-out with police and, allegedly, the attempted bombing of the Sierra Vista police station in 1981 (Blacks really shouldn’t play with dynamite). Note that […]

19 October, 2008

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A part-Black Republican (Colin Powell) endorses a part-Black Democrat (Barack Obama): [Article].

9 May, 2007

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12 April, 2007

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Whoever’s behind this “svengalimedia” celebrating nigger-on-White depravity is running around the Internet spreading lies about Channon Christian. Svengalimedia If you can dig up any info on Leland Perkins, Svengalimedia, or anyone associated with the site, please post it.

30 March, 2007

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Although the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan is still recovering from an intense 14-hour operation he underwent during the first week of January, you would not be able to tell by the schedule that he has maintained since delivering the Saviours’ Day keynote address at Ford Field on Feb. 25.

29 March, 2007

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Yes, indeed. Loaded with quality material, suitable for braying. Serengetti Williams getting dissed.