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9 January, 2008

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Why apologize? Slavery was the best thing to happen to Blacks [1]. Now they can read and write, they have cars and refrigerators, and a few have college degrees. When are the Blacks going to apologize to Whites for killing, robbing and raping them for the past 50 years (i.e., after Blacks lost their fear […]

16 December, 2007

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Back in 1970, he probably would have been charged locally with assault, and probably would have been fined or possibly jailed for a few weeks. But in 2007, he receives nearly 5 years in prison on a federal “civil rights” charge. (By the way, America’s “civil rights” laws came from a Jew, i.e., congressman Emanuel […]

2 December, 2007

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What was once a common-sense idea – i.e., everyone in the workplace speaking the same language – has become controversial. (That’s what happens when a White republic run by White men becomes a multicultural “democracy” run by Jews, negroes, Mexicans, women and queers). An amendment to the now-delayed bill would protect businesses from Equal Employment […]

30 November, 2007

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That’s a problem, since Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 requires all companies that employ over 15 people to hire via affirmative action. So computer-related companies will have to work extra hard to fill their “race quotas” [1][2]: [Article]. [1] the Civil Rights Act of 1964 came from Jewish congressman Emanuel Celler. […]

11 November, 2007

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Let’s explore the over abundance of Jews in Hollywood and in the Law schools of the world. Of course I will have plenty of TNB as well. Music Starts at 7:30pm EST, White Education Starts at 9pm EST Listen Live!:Winamp Embedded Players: Real Media Quicktime Feel free to call in and speak your mind! Skype […]

4 November, 2007

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This matter raises several important questions, among them a constitutional one: why is this a federal police matter, i.e., what about the 10th Amendment? Doesn’t that amendment say that anything not mentioned in the constitution becomes a matter for the states or local people to settle? Are “hate crimes” or “civil rights” mentioned in the […]

30 October, 2007

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Let’s put aside ethical questions about the police using a mobster to solve that case. Let’s focus instead on the crime itself. There are two ways to look at it. One way is the usual, politically-correct way, i.e., three innocent civil-rights workers went down to the South in 1964, simply to help oppressed Blacks gain […]

13 October, 2007

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This law is fundamentally rooted in the Civil Rights Act of 1968, which banned racial discrimination in the renting and selling of homes [1]: [Article]. [1] about the Civil Rights Act of 1968, which came from Jewish congressman Emanuel Celler: [Here]

29 August, 2007

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The poor Jews: they spent years working to desegregate America’s schools [1], only to have much of their work undone by a 2007 Supreme Court ruling. (Of course, it could be argued that the Jews and liberals no longer need school desegregation programs, having already multiculturalized America to a significant degree): [Article] [1] Brown v. […]

14 August, 2007

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Unbelievable. Former National Alliance leader Shaun Walker gets 7+ years in prison for violating “rights” that don’t really exist [1]. Also, federal prisons are often located in states other than an inmate’s home state, which can make family visits to the inmate difficult. Further, why did the federal government wait 3 years to arrest Walker? […]