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13 September, 2015

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Most of them are just posing as Syrians; most aren’t “refugees,” either. [Article].

12 September, 2015

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Japanese man: “Stupid White people. Ruin countries with Brown riff-raff.” South Korean man: “Not so smart. Round eyes too nicey-nicey.” [Article].

2 September, 2015

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Germany isn’t Germany anymore, after years of being Jewed eight different ways [1]. Of course, the Jews are loving every minute of this: they couldn’t completely wipe out Germany’s culture via the Morgenthau Plan and DeNazification, but mass immigration will wipe out Germany’s culture once and for all, and the Jews are counting on that. […]

1 September, 2015

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(Above: the rabbi Stephen Wise, middle, flanked by the Jew, Albert Einstein and the anti-Nazi writer Thomas Mann, who was married to a Jew) As I have said before, when you’re a Jew, you’re a Jew first and foremost and you’re “anything else” second. In other words, you don’t think like an American or like […]

30 August, 2015

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The Cultural Marxists know: in order to control a country, you must first control the country’s language. Just rename something, and you can change minds. For example, “gay” sounds much friendlier than “homosexual.” And “undocumented immigrant” sounds much less severe than “illegal alien.” [Article].

28 August, 2015

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(Above: Sen. Joe McCarthy (d. 1957), an ex-judge, ex-Marine and commie-fighter, who was brought down by the Jews) Actually, being called a Joe McCarthy is a compliment, because McCarthy was right: there were lots of communists in the U.S. government in 1950. Anyway, the Jews are starting to get worried. Trump could “legitimize” anti-immigrant feelings […]

13 August, 2015

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As Alex once said (paraphrasing): “how can you make anything better by adding 20 million Mexicans to it?” Indeed. Mexico is dirty, violent and corrupt because…it’s full of Mexicans. [Article].

7 August, 2015

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The media bias against Donald Trump is increasing. According to the media, he performed poorly in Thursday’s political debates. But that’s not true. He didn’t perform poorly. I find it interesting that even the “conservative” media is treating Trump like he’s a threat to humanity. Trump’s anti-immigration stance has the cuckservative media just as worried […]

10 July, 2015

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If you’re a Mexican, in Mexico, how does the U.S. Constitution protect you? It doesn’t. How could it? Notice the mention of Ira Glasser’s ACLU (a Jew, Glasser almost single-handedly built the ACLU into a powerful legal entity with offices in every state and in Puerto Rico, too). [Article].

7 July, 2015

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Notice that the illegal aliens storm the Channel Tunnel every night in France! Who’s in charge of security in France? Anybody? [Article and video].