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9 March, 2016

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Look at the people who signed this anti-Trump letter: a high percentage of them are Jews. This letter tells you a lot about who is leading the anti-Trump movement. Of course, the anti-Trump movement is largely about Israel. (It’s also about immigration. Recall that the leader of the pro-immigration “Gang of 8” was a Jew, […]

25 February, 2016

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Seen on the TV: media anchormen wondering aloud what Ronald Reagan would think of “today’s Republican Party” (an obvious reference to Donald Trump). Ah, yes, there it is again: Reagan-as-the-godfather-of-conservatism! But it’s all bullshit. Reagan wasn’t really a conservative. He legalized 3 million illegal Mexicans in 1986 [1]. How are you a “conservative” if you […]

20 February, 2016

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Donald Trump has won the South Carolina primary tonight. Good. Why? Because: Rubio? An “Establishment Man” who will do nothing for Whites. Cruz? Same. Hillary Clinton? Same. Sanders? You must be joking. Only Trump can turn back the brown tide, and thinking Whites know this. Is Trump the ideal man? Nope, but he’ll do until […]

9 January, 2016

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“‘Germany abolishes itself’ might seem an absurd fear. Here is a country with a population of 80 million in the heart of Europe: with all its cities, industry, cars, trade and commerce, hustle and bustle … But a country is what its inhabitants make of it through their living traditions, both spiritual and cultural. Without […]

2 December, 2015

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How can people who are in America illegally file a lawsuit? [Article].

30 November, 2015

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When a “democratic” ruler no longer obeys the laws, and just does whatever he/she pleases, you have a dictatorship; granted, this judge didn’t actually use the word “dictatorship.” But he didn’t have to. (Related: recall Chile under the “democratically elected” Allende circa 1973, when he was ignoring the laws and seizing private property). [Article].

15 November, 2015

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Many of the brown “refugees” literally forced their way into Europe, as shown in this video. Many of the “refugees” are not refugees at all, but opportunists trying to get free housing, free food, etc., from the European governments. Sadly, most of the European governments will give in to the demands of the “refugees.” [Video].

12 November, 2015

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Why do Jews welcome their enemies, the Muslims, into Europe? Because Jews are not logical people. They are strange people and emotional people. They also have ingrained habits due to their unique history, the biggest of which is nation-wrecking, a.k.a. “upsetting the existing order of things.” Just as a scorpion stings, just as a snake […]

5 November, 2015

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If the White world is so racist and so terrible, why does the Brown world want to live there? Actually, there are only two types of people on this planet: 1) White people; 2) non-White people who wish they were White people. “This raises an educational question: are people from Africa and the Middle East […]

1 November, 2015

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“One of the great lies — endlessly repeated — of the world’s liberal-plutocratic media is that nation-states are “too small” or “powerless” to manage any major problems on their own in the age of globalization. This assertion is meant fundamentally to justify national authorities’ abdication of responsibility and legitimize the transfer of power to transnational […]