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26 October, 2014

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Having a pop culture isn’t the same thing as having a real culture. A real culture lasts for centuries, passed down from generation to generation, unchanged and traditional, whereas a pop culture is a series of immediate nothings manufactured by the media and Hollywood, a parade of trends and fads designed to distract and corrupt. […]

27 October, 2013

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The media loved Lou Reed because he was a Jewish homosexual who sometimes injected heroin onstage, i.e., he was the “perfect” man to help transform America’s culture from “traditional” to “anything goes.” [Article].

19 April, 2012

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Just as the Jews have corrupted every other form of art in the Western (White) world, so have they corrupted music. The Jewish pianist Arnold Schoenberg could be called the “godfather of atonal music.” The Nazis banned atonal music (thank God). [Article].