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14 September, 2010

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What was that? Jews aren’t just a religion but are a race of swindlers and con-artists? Hey, that sort of talk could lead to another Lolocaust [1]: [Article]. [1] Q: what kind of gas did they use on the Jews in the Lolocaust? A: Laughing gas

26 August, 2010

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The antidote is the poison! The cure is the disease! The ugliest form of hate in world history is Judaism, and its off-shoot, Marxism. Yet, we gentiles are told that the response to Judaism/Marxism (i.e., Nazism) is the worst hate: [Article].

22 August, 2010

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Maybe they should focus on a bigger outrage than some Libyan being sprung from jail too early. Maybe they should focus on why the Lockerbie bombing happened in the first place (i.e., because of Israel): [Article].

25 July, 2010

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Is it a famous Jew? Then it’s a fake. Maybe it stole ideas from a gentile, maybe it’s just over-hyped. But it’s a fake nonetheless: [Article].

5 July, 2010

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What? This sounds like another example of a Jew trying to wreck White culture? Hey, that sounds like anti-Semaphorism: [Article].

20 June, 2010

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Another day, another country betrayed by the yids: [Article].

18 May, 2010

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There’s nothing to see except accounts of wholesale mass murder and oppression, so just forget about Soviet history, White man! Jewish communism is one big yawner! (*Yawn*) See? [Article].

13 February, 2010

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A mention of “Jewish guilt” here. Even though you hear about Jewish guilt, it doesn’t exist in the real sense of the word “guilt.” Gentiles feel real guilt, like about driving through a red traffic light, or about failing to visit a sick friend promptly enough. Jews, on the other hand, 1) hen-peck each other […]

6 February, 2010

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There are lots of White countries that can be pressured/guilt-tripped into arming Israel. Why should the Jews limit themselves? [Article].

28 December, 2009

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Newbies, president Franklin D. Roosevelt’s “destroyers-for-bases” deal with Britain – which was vital to the waging of World War II – was hatched and nurtured by the Jewish lawyer/adviser Benjamin V. Cohen [1]: [Book Review]. [1] refers to Cohen’s July 1940 memo to Roosevelt titled “Memorandum Re: Sending Effective Material Aid to Great Britain with […]