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14 November, 2009

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Why worry about terrorism or swine flu when there’s this much-more-serious matter: whack-jobs policing our culture. With their control of things such as the media, Hollywood and book publishing, the Jews serve as the “gatekeepers” of our society, deciding what discourse is and isn’t acceptable. But Jews are, collectively, mentally ill. Don’t believe it? Paranoia, […]

17 October, 2009

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Money, money, money, get yours now! Call your broker – don’t wait another second! Be greedy – it’s okay! Gentiles act like Jews while our jobs go south. Nice. (Granted, why wouldn’t they act like Yids? From kindergarten onward they’re steeped in Jew-greed from TV, magazines, newspapers…in fact, why doesn’t everyone don a yarmulke now […]

13 October, 2009

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Any gentile who criticizes Jews is a carpet-chewing wacko. There’s no other possible explanation – ask God (oops, G_d): [Article at VNN Forum].

7 October, 2009

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Connick – a Jew under traditional Jewish law – tells the Aussies a thing or two about race relations [1]: [Article]. [1] in traditional Judaism, a Jew is someone born to a Jewish mother

14 August, 2009

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But if he was a Marxist, he could enter any Western country and attend a rally with the greatest of ease, despite the fact that communism is the most extreme “racial” ideology [1]. Orthodox Judaism is also quite extreme, yet Orthodox Jews aren’t banned from White countries: [Article]. [1] communism = originally racial/religious for Jews, […]

1 August, 2009

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by Edmund Connelly. “For those conversant with the Bible, the twin themes of Jewish resource acquisition and deceit will be familiar. For example, in A People That Shall Dwell Alone: Judaism as a Group Evolutionary Strategy, Kevin MacDonald describes this:” [Article].

25 July, 2009

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Many people think that rabbis are the Jewish equivalent of Christian clergymen, i.e., the moral leaders of a society. Nope. There’s nothing moral about rabbis. In fact, if a rabbi follows the traditional halakhic (i.e., religious) laws of Orthodox Judaism, he will, by default, be immoral, dishonest and ethnocentric: [Article].

21 July, 2009

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“what’s  $100k of someone else’s money?” Robin Katz is a “sexy 25-year-old financial planner working at Chase’s Midtown headquarters,” according to the New York Post, who allegedly ripped off a client to the tune of $110,000 so she could spend it “shopping” and “going out.” Katz is a graduate of Smith College, and to judge […]

12 July, 2009

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“The Jewish Strategy” by Dr. Revilo P. Oliver (a .pdf file; use the zoom-in tool at the top of the book to make the text bigger): [Book].

11 July, 2009

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“…in apparent violation of Pentagon regulations prohibiting racist extremism in the ranks.” Well, that’s interesting. Judaism is racist extremism that is practiced by Jews (although a few gentiles have converted to Judaism) and it’s found in the U.S. military. Why isn’t Judaism banned by the Pentagon as well? [Article].