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4 October, 2013

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Good article, but Gramsci gets too much credit for Cultural Marxism. Georg Lukacs, a Jew, used it before anyone else. Add to that the Frankfurt School, and regular Marxism, which also came from a Jew (Marx), and you’ve got a West that has been almost entirely dismantled by one race: Jews. [Article]. Mjolnir website: [Here].

2 October, 2013

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The Soviet Union (the first totalitarian state) was built by yids, so the NSA’s police-state surveillance roots are fundamentally Jewish [1]. [Article]. [1] Eastern Bloc communism, e.g., Hungary and Romania, was also Jewish-led

28 September, 2013

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“Global warming fever” allows governments to regulate/restrict/ban certain activities of White people. Like Marxism, global warming fever is an international “secular religion” that’s very intolerant of skeptics. [Article] and [Article].

19 September, 2013

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Once you destroy a culture, it’s impossible to revive it. It’s dead. You’d think White people would be rioting in the streets over their coming genocide, but no, they won’t riot. They’ll sit in front of the TV eating donuts until the Grim Reaper shows up. [Article].

25 July, 2013

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In France, right-wing “extremist” groups are banned. Meanwhile, left-wing extremist groups, such as the communist PCF, are not banned. [Article].

15 July, 2013

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So, White people didn’t give birth to advanced civilization? Ancient Greece was a multicultural effort? Suuuure. For the record, Whites gave the world to mankind. Every idea, every invention of note came from Whites, including, ironically, democracy, which liberal and Jewish professors worship (when they’re not worshipping Karl Marx). [Article].

26 June, 2013

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(Above: Jewish communist Georg Lukacs) The treatment of chef Paula Deen is totally Bolshevik: it’s old-time communist persecution that Georg Lukacs, the father of Political Correctness, would engage in. (Note that Deen allegedly made the remark 30 years ago, and she has already apologized repeatedly). [Article].

21 June, 2013

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This new Duke (yeah, I know, some people don’t like him) book apparently contains quotes from Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn’s not-published-in-English-and-we-know-why book “200 Years Together,” so it would have value as a history/reference book. Anyway, was communism Jewish? Yes. It was founded by a Jew (Marx) and was spread around the world by Jews, e.g., the Comintern […]

2 June, 2013

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I just learned that France has roughly 30 streets named after the communist thug Lenin. Yeah, I know that the French are intellectuals but that’s no excuse for it. (France is supposed to be a democrazy where everyone can vote, you see). Wonder if they have any streets named after Mao?

29 May, 2013

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The Boy Scouts apparently think that giving in part-way will appease the Jews and the leftists, and get them to back off. No way, it’s just the opposite: after half-killing the 103-year-old organization by pressuring it to violate its moral oath, the yids and the Marxists will only try harder[1]. [Article]. [1] the Boy Scout […]