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23 August, 2014

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[…] “The Eurocrats are very fond of the word ‘democracy,’ but they consistently oppose democratic procedures when these would present an obstacle to their plans: ‘With the Lisbon Treaty, you didn’t let a single nation other than the Irish vote, and when the Irish said no, you bribed them into compliance.’ If Willinger were a […]

6 September, 2012

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Which political party do you want to serve you heaping spoonfuls of Cultural Marxism? The left-wing one, or the right-wing one? Both political parties push human equality/One World, One People/No Nations Allowed Except Israel. The only real difference between the two is that one party is religious and more conservative, and the other party isn’t […]

25 May, 2012

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“At the end of this war I see Europe recreated, not by diplomats, but by the proletariat. The Federated Republic of Europe—the United States of Europe—that is what must be. National autonomy no longer suffices. Economic evolution demands the abolition of national frontiers. If Europe is to remain in national groups, then Imperialism will recommence […]

22 August, 2009

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by Professor J. Philippe Rushton. “Jerry Z. Muller a professor at Catholic University, (‘Us and Them,’ Foreign Affairs, March/April 2008, and ‘Replies,’ July/August 2008) argued that the power of ethnic nationalism ‘will drive global politics for generations to come’ because it ‘corresponds to some enduring propensities of the human spirit,’ which often manifests in the […]

10 May, 2009

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Jew #1: “Hey, doesn’t he know that White nation-states aren’t allowed anymore? We banned them years ago.” Jew #2: “Oy veh, this is too scary. What if other White countries decide to act this way? All-White countries are a threat to Jews.” [Article].

21 September, 2008

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Reviewed by Thomas Jackson. A new form of political organization may be needed to save Western Civilization… [Here].

17 August, 2008

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The Jews know that they must admit a small number of outsiders – such as Ethiopians – into Israel just to be able to suggest to the world that the Jewish state isn’t race-based like Nazi Germany was. But it is. In fact, Israel has become more Jewish while all of the Western countries have […]

11 August, 2008

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This article makes a few good points, e.g., nation-states, Western hypocrisy regarding Georgia/South Ossetia/Russia: [Article].