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10 March, 2012

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(Click on the image to enlarge it) This stuff takes you back to a time and a place: just before the French Revolution, when “human equality” was still unknown. Fragonard was almost executed by the equalists, until another equalist, the artist J.L. David, stepped in and saved him. Looking at Fragonard’s work, it has such […]

1 March, 2012

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Anti-Jewish feelings are a threat to civilization? I thought Jews were a threat to civilization. (Jews aren’t Western, they’re hybrid freaks [genetically speaking] who don’t fit in anywhere, so it’s hard to imagine how anti-Jewish feelings could be a problem). [Article].

6 February, 2012

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This guy managed to blunt his point by adding “anti-hate” and egalitarianism to his speech. One step forward, one step backward. No progress here. [Article].

10 December, 2011

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Dr. Butz has been invited to leave Northwestern University. And to think that Western universities are supposed to be places of free thought and free inquiry! [Article].

21 October, 2011

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(If image won’t enlarge, click [Here]) Pompeo Batoni (1708-1787). His work is not as well-known as Caravaggio’s or Correggio’s, but he was a good artist who paid attention to detail. [Article]. [Gallery].

20 October, 2011

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Gaddafi’s death is a loud warning to other Middle Eastern leaders who are reluctant to embrace Zionism or Jewmocracy [1]. [Article]. [1] “Jewmocracy” = a democracy in which Jews control the media, the money and the politicians, e.g., all of the White countries

22 August, 2011

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Man #1: “She (meaning Anne) could prove powerful.” Man #2: “Thomas, this is a man’s world. The seat of power does not lie between a woman’s legs.” — from the movie “Anne of the Thousand Days,” 1969, starring Richard Burton.

17 August, 2011

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(Above: Plato – he wasn’t Black) “But it is unsettling that Duke’s utopian images show not one person with almond-shaped eyes or dark skin.” What part of “Western culture” don’t some people understand? The West is a White region and non-Whites don’t belong in it. They have their own countries. Why are they invading ours? […]

21 July, 2011

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Up is down, day is night, lies are truths: even though Jews invented racism, even though Blacks commit more ‘hate crimes’ against Whites than vice-versa, White people are humanity’s only racists. (By the way, newbies, the Canadian school board document mentions the “superiority of the white race.” Funny it should mention that, because if Whites […]

18 July, 2011

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White nationalism isn’t a fad, like disco or roller-skating. (Notice the mention of “public schools”). [Article].