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18 November, 2014

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…Newbies should take note of an important detail about Marxism: it was designed to wreck White countries. It wasn’t intended to end up in China or North Korea like it did. Marx said that if communism didn’t reach, and wreck, England, then his efforts were wasted. Communism was a Jewish “time-bomb” designed to destroy the […]

17 November, 2014

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(Above: Karl Marx, the Jewish witch-doctor who wrecked half the world) Marxism was bogus. So anything based upon Marxism (e.g., Cultural Marxism, Socialism, Feminism) is also bogus. Marxism promised that, once the state finally withered away, all the citizens would live together in peace and happiness. But that was all bullshit, because states don’t wither […]

9 November, 2014

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A few days ago, while watching TV, I saw a conservative activist tear a liberal to shreds (verbally speaking) in about 30 seconds. It was very funny. He tossed out names, dates, and facts which he had obviously memorized in great detail. Let us learn from that. Many WNs cannot effectively defend themselves in arguments […]

30 October, 2014

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Let’s hope that the new NA leader, Will Williams, follows the “William Pierce model” of the NA as closely as possible. [Article].

29 October, 2014

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(Above: congressman Emanuel Celler, creator of the Civil Rights Act of 1964) “And so we now live in a soul-less, mindless, third world infested, corporate-controlled, Jew-directed Federal surveillance state. It all happened so quickly!” (poster Tim McGreen on America). Yes, it happened very quickly. But how? It happened through a revolution that was never called […]

6 September, 2014

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(Above: This is not Western culture) One sentence voids the whole article: Western culture is White, not Black or Brown or Asian. [Article].

22 August, 2014

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It’s interesting, but not surprising, that Bouguereau is listed as most-popular. (One art critic said that Bouguereau’s art fell out of favor with the Western public because the public’s taste “had changed.” That’s not accurate. What happened was: the people who controlled Western popular culture – i.e., Jews and leftists – changed the public’s attitude […]

8 August, 2014

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God created the world? Nope. White people did. Anything of importance came from Whites. The airplane, the automobile, electricity, the light bulb, the telephone, the camera, the phonograph, refrigeration, democracy (yeah, I know), television (yeah, I know) – it all came from Whites [1]. In fact, if you tried to make a list of all […]

4 August, 2014

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Take control of your children’s education and future. Don’t let the anti-White schools and anti-White media corrupt your kids with Cultural Marxism. [Article].

18 July, 2014

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