24 August, 2006

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Image taken from old French school book…

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24 August, 2006

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I watched a PBS “documentary” about the damage done to the friendship between Elia Kazan & ugly-ass choo mantis Arthur Miller by The Hysteria of the Anti-Communist Witch Hunts: hearse-loads of “martyr” snootzim recounting yet again how they nobly bore the most horrible poisecution imaginable at the blood-soaked hands of Tailgunner Joe: (“Oh, I realize it’s difficult for the younger generation to even imagine such a time – but, tragically, it’s all-too true: for several years, I actually had to use a pseudonym to continue to mindschtupping the goyim…..let it serve as a chilling cautionary tale…..”). Crumbly jewslut “Lee Grant” – never to be forgiven for her sneering “If Mr. Tibbs doesn’t stay on the case, I’ll close my husband’s plant and leave you people – to yourselves….” “In the Heat of the Night” line – reminded me that although Kazan was right to shitcan communism and name jewnames, he was still a “progressive” sphincter.

They wrapped it up by assuring us that the verdict of jewstory is that Miller’s a hero for telling HUAC to go hug a root, while Kazan is a bastid. Suhprahze, suhprahze.

It’s curious that these judenticks have never produced so much as a single two-hankie number dealing with Congresskike-spy Samuel Dickstein’s relentless hounding of Fritz Kuhn & the German-American Bund, eh?

N.B. Forrest

23 August, 2006

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by Bob Moser

“When I tell you that the area where I grew up now resembles Tijuana more than the US–well, hang on, you’re about to see what I mean,” says Theresa Harmon. Tennessee’s most vociferous anti-immigration organizer has just picked me up, straight from work at a local construction firm, in her red 1986 Mercury Cougar–a “kicker,” she calls it fondly, apologizing for the lack of air-conditioning. “Bless your heart–I’m used to the heat,” she says, talking her usual mile a minute as she puffs a Misty long and noses into rush-hour traffic, headed for the South Nashville neighborhood where she grew up. “I mean, who would have ever thought Nashville would be an illegal alien magnet?” she says. “Nashville!”

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23 August, 2006

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Have you ever considered going to germany for the women. Mein Gotte!!!!!

They’re classier, better educated and much more attractive than american women. 50-60% of german women are very attractive–9+. It’s like a different universe.

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23 August, 2006

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[The following was received via snail mail, along with a donation, for which we thank the donor. This kind of letter is greatly encouraging to all of those who bring you Goyfire, VNNForum and VNN proper.]

2006 August 13

Dear Alex:

Today marks the beginning of the big AIDS conference in Toronto – www.aids2006.org .

I have looked at the program, and have found that I needed a microscope to find any medical presentations.

It is nearly all about making niggers feel good about themselves and their AIDS, while we pay for it all.

On a personal note, you are not exaggerating at all when you say that this is a life and death struggle. For many years, with the help of many jew doctors, I felt that I was mentally ill.

When I heard Goyfire for the first time, it was like a breath of fresh air. I realized that I was the victim of jew-controlled society. I have never felt better since, and will never feel badly about myself ever again.

I think that Toronto should instead have a Goyfire conference – one dose is all you need to cure all jew-related diseases!

Always waiting for the next Goyfire episode,


P.S. Please keep up the good work. There are probably thousands like me…

[Thanks for the letter and the donation, Luke. We should be taping a new Goyfire this Sunday.]

23 August, 2006

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[Israel gets billions upon billions of dollars YOU EARNED, while Alabama, Mississippi and other states go begging.]

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23 August, 2006

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By George Lenz

Today I am going to deal with the second commonest question I got from clients: How to get rich fast. This advice is applicable to people who already paid off debts.

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23 August, 2006

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Hitler restaurant opens in India
Mumbai eatery named after Hitler

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23 August, 2006

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Free Talk Live now has its own archive page: here. Download, share, and save them.  More coming soon.

23 August, 2006

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By Rev. Ted Pike

Boy, have I taken a drubbing! Indignant readers of my latest article, “Is Abe Foxman a Hate Criminal?,” are taking me to task. “How can you say you don’t find ‘concrete evidence’ for Cloyd, Moseley, and DeBusk being Jewish? The Jewish registries of Polish Jewish surnames clearly reveal they are!”

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