28 March, 2006

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… with neither shame nor decency

 The lonesome death of Rachel Corrie
The Guardian ^ | Mar. 28, 2006 | Billy Bragg

Posted on 03/27/2006 6:06:13 PM PST by Alouette

Rachel Corrie went to Gaza to draw attention to the plight of the Palestinians, whose voice is seldom heard in her country, the US. That she herself should be silenced – first by an Israeli bulldozer, next by a New York theatre cancelling a play created from her words – is a testimony to the power of her message. This song was written on a plane on March 20 and recorded at Big Sky Recordings, Ann Arbor, Michigan on March 22. The tune is borrowed from Bob Dylan.

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28 March, 2006

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germarrudolf.jpg Dear Friends,

Today, I received two letters from Germar Rudolf from prison. As most of you know, Germar is the outstanding Holocaust revisionist scholar that put the final and ultimate nail in the coffin of the “Auschwitz Gas Chamber” legend. The forensic study of this courageous and gifted former Max Planck Institute doctoral candidate stands as a classic of science and Holocaust revisionism. Let it suffice to say that Germar is one of the most outstanding men the Holocaust revisionist movement has ever produced. Not only is he a brilliant scholar, but he is also a good person. He deserves your support!!

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28 March, 2006

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[The minute a man begins to admire Israel, he has ceased to be a loyal American. Vociferously will he lie there are no conflicting interests between the two. Soon enough he’s celebrating the one’s murder of a citizen of the other.]

As a Christian, let me add that it is also wrong and unfair to call into question the loyalty of millions of American Jews who have faithfully supported Israel … They should be praised, not pilloried.


There is no Israel ‘Lobby’

NYDailyNews ^ | 3/26/06 | David Gergen

It brings no joy to issue a public rebuttal against a valued colleague, but there are moments that demand no less. The occasion is the publication of an essay titled “The Israel Lobby and U.S. Foreign Policy,” written by two professors, John Mearsheimer of the University of Chicago and Stephen Walt, the academic dean and my colleague at Harvard’s Kennedy School of Government.

27 March, 2006

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Black Thursday by J. B. Cash
pictured: Kevin Pittsnogle, star center for the West Virginia University basketball team

(3/27/06) Last Thursday’s NCAA basketball tournament results were disappointing for those of us that oppose the anti-white racial caste system in sports. The teams that had a majority white presence on the court were defeated and eliminated from the tournament. Several of the games finished in that extremely irritating way that can only happen in sports, with last second desperation shots that go in, ridiculously bad decision making in the clutch, and incredibly poor officiating.

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27 March, 2006

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[20 million illegals allowed to stay in country; more encouraged to become, wink, temporary workers. All it takes to make a third-world country is third-world people. We’ve got ’em. Feel safe now, jews? How about you, White man?]

Washington – The Senate Judiciary Committee approved an immigration-reform package Monday that would allow an estimated 11 million illegal immigrants to stay in the country and seek citizenship.

On a day filled with protests by immigrant-rights activists across the country, senators by a 12-6 vote approved the bill, which also would create a guest-worker program for immigrants.

On the enforcement side, the legislation calls for doubling the Border Patrol in five years and adding surveillance measures at the U.S.-Mexico line.


27 March, 2006

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Name that Jew!
by Edgar J. Steele

And now – live from the Tower of Hate, in beautiful downtown Sagle, Idaho, once again, it is time for Name that Jew!


[ES]  Thank you and good evening, Ladies and Gentlemen.  My name is Edgar J. Steele and welcome to another edition of America’s fastest-growing radio game show:  Name that Jew!

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27 March, 2006

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From the Treesloth News Service:
American IQ rapidly on the rise.
In an extraordinary finding the scientific community now has reason to believe Americans are actually far smarter than originally thought. An unprecedented discovery has led health officials to admit IQ test scores have been read incorrectly for years. Professor J. Steinberg of Harvard University announced today that, “all this time IQ tests were incorrectly interpreted to mean high numbers, meant high IQ, but this latest revelation in the IQ wars has now proven conclusively that lower scores actually mean higher IQs!”
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27 March, 2006

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‘Unit’s’ military expert has fighting words for Bush
By David Kronke, TV Critic

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27 March, 2006

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Google censors an antisemitic video…. And I am sorry they did

by Deborah Lipstadt

(Hoffman’s rejoinder follows, below)

Feb. 23, 2006


In the last few hours Google Video removed two of revisionist Michael A. Hoffman II’s three videos from its free video online website (http://video.google.com).

According to Hoffman [take anything a denier says with a grain of skepticism] he received the an e-mail from Google informing him that his “videos violate our Program Policies. The titles of the videos are listed at the end of this message. According to our policy, we are removing the following videos: World War Two Revisionist Charles Provan [and] Deborah Lipstadt, “Amalek” and David Irving…”

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27 March, 2006

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“It is ironic that anti-racists are willing to challenge the Jewish establishment’s view of the holocaust but not the issue of Jewish world domination”, writes Bob Finch in this second powerful essay. He goes well beyond our usual complaints. He does not stop at his critique of Zionism, he is not being attracted by the holocaust debate. He takes up the punch line of Shamir’s Vampire Killers: “it is not a myth which sustains the Jewish state – it is Jewish global power. It is power which sustains myths”.

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