3 June, 2006

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kuntz.gif Here’s a mess of headlines relating to the World Cup. Read them and see how vicious the English are, how bigoted. Their inferiority complex re Germany is on full display.

It’s truly kind of odd, their attitude. The English are so insistent on their winning WWII it’s clear they don’t feel it. It’s kind of the reverse of the ‘Civil War’ in the States. Southerners tend to be obsessed with the north, whereas notherners seldom ponder the South. Germany pays little attention to England, yet the English are obsessed with hating things German. Any insult directed at Germany is fit for publication in Britain, where non-German group-criticism is quite literally against the law. On the world stage, the Germans are the bad guys who are actually the good guys. There is nothing either good or bad but media make it so, as the good Earl would say, were he alive today. Imagine how confused an outer-spacer would be trying to go from the media report of the Jew to the thing in the street. Same in reverse with the German. Someone has to report things right side up, and that’s VNN.

I suspect British hatred of her betters is fed by a growing recognition that not only was the Empire not much in the first place, and in any case long gone, today the sad sandbar sinks unstoppably into dirty, Thirdy sea – and the only thing that could have prevented this was England using the armies Hitler allowed to live – which grace is misrepresented by “fair” and “understated” queensmen as a “Miracle” – to join Hitler in defeating the jew-led monsters who actually carried out the atrocities Germany was accused of. The British are very much like jews – a well advertised race. But the more you know about them, the less you admire them. I encourage all to read Mencken’s descriptions of the Anglo-Americans in World War I. What comes out of an Englishman’s mouth is advertising and moral cant and little else. So it was one hundred years ago, so it is today. Mencken was no more allowed by the Anglomaniac-owned papers to write the truth about the forces producing World War One than the jews owning the media today allow us to discuss the brothers -of-the-cut behind the mass-murder of Iraq. We in the Anglosphere are so unaccustomed to adults speaking as adults that when a foreigner like the Iranian in the post below does it, we’re shocked.

Let’s hope the Wankistanis are knocked out in the first round so they can blubber over their squeak and ale.

First off, a sports article about AmeriKwan masses worshipping their own cruddy selves in the form of, for one of a thousand examples, some keyed-off Alacrooner. Yes, it’s not directly related to other stuff. I realize that. Why don’t you go fuck yourself?

Here’s an article about Dirk Nowitzki. He’s a German who plays for a team that’s about to make the NBA finals. The point here is that Nowitzki, from a country that doesn’t even play basketball, is able to dominate the world’s top league because of his German penchant for practice and improvement, things utterly foreign not just to virtually all American niggers, but most White American basketball players.

Here on the German World Cup victory in ’54. Note this from the Ligerpresse.

In Britain, the Daily Mirror complained that “nothing can stop these unlovable people”.

America truly is British in culture – the same vicious know-nothingism in these British articles is exactly what undergirds patriotardism in the U.S. Stupid – ugly – vicious – hypocritcal – these are the seeds of Albion the promoters and the kirkmen never mention, but they are far more daily determinative than the upside, whatever that actually is. The fact is that Germanosphere is quieter, politer, more civilized, more adult, than the Anglosphere. People didn’t come to America for British culture, they came for space and money.

Here on the British attitude toward Germany, don’t miss comments at bottom. Note these:

the British preoccupation with Germany’s Nazi past has been driven more by the media than by the public.

In his terrific recent book about the British and the Germans – inevitably also titled Don’t Mention the War – the historian John Ramsden traces the national neuralgia in virtuoso detail. His most important – and disturbing – observation is that today’s Nazi obsession has not flowed uninterrupted ever since 1945. On the contrary, it has grown over time, reaching a climax in the 1980s and 1990s. The famous 1966 World Cup final certainly had a second world war subtext, but it was not accompanied by renditions of Ten German Bombers or by Nazi salutes, as it would be today.

Reading Ramsden, one grasps that all this says far more about the realities of modern Britain than those of modern Germany. And it would be perverse not to see that the British preoccupation with Germany’s Nazi past has been driven more by the media than by the public. Ramsden’s analysis of the role of sitcoms, thrillers, war movies and television adverts in sustaining these obsessions is as compelling as his chronicling of the role of the tabloids, especially on football – “Achtung! Surrender. For you Fritz, Ze Euro 96 Championship is over,” as one of Piers Morgan’s Mirror headlines once had it.

Here on growing German prowess in rugby.

Here on Germany trying to get some good PR out of the games. Germany’s so-called international reputation is almost 100% a function of the lies of the jews who produce public opinion. You want to improve Germany’s reputation? Take the globomedia away from the kike and use them to report factually on what’s going on and who’s responsible.

Here’s a funny story on Budweiser and the Germans who resent its Cup brau monopoly. Let it be said in Bud’s defense, no one ever denied its beer contains alcohol.

Here a site where you can buy pro-England tshirts with slogans like the one depicted above.

They paid Danegeld yesterday; they pay Jewgeld today. England’s proper mascot is not the bulldog but the Maltese.

3 June, 2006

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Read his words, realize just how far we’ve fallen. When you “can’t” speak the truth about what matters, either because it’s against the law or what the crowd is told it thinks, you aren’t free, no matter how many times the jewish media dicatators say you are.
Why are the crimes of one group emphasized so greatly, instead of highlighting the great German cultural heritage? Why should the Germans not have the right to express their opinion freely?

Liberation from Jewish Tyranny


Let’s hope Iran makes it to the second round of the World Cup, in which case Ahmadinejad says he’ll very likely show up in Germany in person.

It’s not just that Ahmadinejad makes such a manly contrast with jews, who do nothing but lie and accuse from the minute they slither out of bed to their last suspicious lookaround as they slimper into semito-stasis, he makes the starkest contrast with the embarrassing WASP culture bequeathed the Anglosphere by England, with its 1001 eye-raisings and hemmings and cantings and blatherings and moralizings. Try to imagine a Blair or Bush speaking the straight truth about anything. “It isn’t done.”

29 May, 2006

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The Hawthorne Report returns for another installment.

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26 May, 2006

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In this broadcast Beck takes a look at a suppressed lecture by T.S. Eliot.

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22 May, 2006

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After a long intermission James Hawthorne returns to VNN Broadcasting to host The Hawthorne Report. James is known to many on VNN as the host of Aryan Matters.

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Welcome back James!

22 May, 2006

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That’s why one clear message rings down more than two millennia of Western history: “Jews are poison!� Ignoring this message has been the biggest mistake we’ve ever made and the message now sniggered behind the hands of race-traitors like Bush and Blair is: “Let them eat kike!� But there’s reason for hope. Jews and their shabbas goys have tried to hold back reality with a dam made of lies, but the dam is leaking badly in a dozen places. The more it leaks, the weaker it grows; and the weaker it grows, the more it leaks. When it finally collapses, there won’t be room in the Jew-canoe for the present gang of traitors, criminals and parasites to ride out the flood.

The O’Farrell Column, heretical.com
16 May, 2006

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The Truth is No Defense welcomes Bill White of the National Socialist Movement for a special 65 minute interview.

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16 May, 2006

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The roundtable returns: Alex, Agis and Stan discuss the persecution of Whites speaking freely on the Internet, U.S. tips Mexico to Minuteman locations, Chicago highschool teacher blogs on nogs, TNB, Duke rape update and Berlin exhibition.

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16 May, 2006

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[Now complete]

The mater matrix pinches off an alumni mag three times a year. The latest issue is chock full of stubby brown goodness, like unto an ashtray at a cigar bar.

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16 May, 2006

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[This book came out in the early nineties, an excellent collection, uncompleted, of Mencken’s descriptions of the various writers, publishers and businessmen and others he knew in first few decades of the 1900s.]

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