14 April, 2006

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Iranian president: ‘Rotten’ Israel will be annihilated by ‘one storm’

By News Agencies

Days after announcing that Iran had successfully enriched uranium, Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad on Friday called Israel a “rotten, dried tree” that will be annihilated by “one storm.”

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14 April, 2006

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Richard Jefferson, a senior producer for the CBS Nightly News and his friend Ryan Smith a producer-researcher fort 48 Hours were attacked as they left a popular bar after an altercation a group of men earlier in the night inside the club.


On Wednesday the St. Maarten public prosecutor Taco Stein began an official investigation into the way police dealt with the attack.

[Taco Stein?]


14 April, 2006

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[America – a nation of White men]

Immigration Blamed For Hate Crimes

MOSCOW — Ill-conceived immigration policies are stoking xenophobia and racism, fueling corruption and ignoring the country’s growing demographic crisis, rights activists and analysts said Friday.

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14 April, 2006

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coles.jpgFirst up is Joseph Coles. This fine Des Moines nigger is charged with roughly 250 counts that translate into being a nigger, i.e., using his dick on watermelons, 40-ounce bottles, his own sort-of daughters. During this time period the victim was between 10 and 15 years of age. On two separate occasions, the victim became pregnant as the result of these attacks, the first time being at the age of 12, detectives said. Raping your own daughter and getting her pregnant twice before she’s fifteen? Even for a nigger that’s good! Don’t wait up for the Lifetime movie on this meat monster. There’s a reason these crimes are hushed: jews don’t want innocent white girls to learn the inevitable consequences of hooking up with niggers. What you don’t know can hurt you, girls. It can hurt your children too, as the next story shows.

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14 April, 2006

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[No proof this thing’s a nigger, but I never came across a white man outside a P.G. Wodehouse novel named Reggie.]

Man Accused Of Eating His Dog Alive

“Look at that ear. Do you see that? I mean, it is chewed to smithereens,” says Shelby County Texas District Attorney Linda Kay Russell. Russell is reacting to graphic pictures showing a pit bull puppy who was eaten alive by his owner.

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13 April, 2006

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On 11 April 2006, the Savitri Devi Archive published an e-book of Savitri Devi’s Defiance (Calcutta: A.K. Mukherji, 1951) in html, PDF, and Word versions:


13 April, 2006

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estamos.jpg L.A. “Jewish Mafia” Terrorizes South Central Farmers’ “Colectiva”

Councilman Dennis Zine and his thugs
pull gun on “campesinos”

Ernesto Cienfuegos
La Voz de Aztlan

Los Angeles, Alta California- April 13, 2006 – (ACN)
Not many people are aware that Los Angeles has a powerful
“Jewish Mafia” that is in cahoots with the Los Angeles
Police Department and many local elected politicians.
This fact is becoming clear to the “campesinos” who are
attempting to defend their 14 acre farm in South Central
Los Angeles from the sinister Jewish land developer Ralph

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13 April, 2006

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The fate of Americans is not better. Proud to arrogance, they assumed the White Man’s Destiny will lead them from conquest to conquest. They took over the great landmass of North America, forcibly opened the doors of Japan, and won two world wars, just to find themselves strangers in their own house. Now, instead of their own history they study Holocaust Studies, instead of promoting their own interests, they fight mercenary wars for Israel. They work harder and harder to supply the goods to their new elite. They judge the world by one criterion, ‘whether it is good for Jews’.


The Sparrow and the Beetle

In 1923s, a Russian poet Carney Chukovsky has written a delightful short tale for children, Tarakan the Giant Beetle, an all-time favourite nursery rhyme for Russian kids. It is a story of the Animal Kingdom intimidated by Tarakan. The Beetle threatened to devour the disobedient animals, and the awed Lions and Tigers have holed up in their lairs. True, a beetle has no fangs or horns, but menacing Tarakan would brandish his great long mustachio, and no beast would dare to challenge the small monster, until a little Sparrow flew in, and ate up the Beetle, to common relief. Despite his threats, Tarakan was just an insect.

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13 April, 2006

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Time To Put Up Our Dukes

by J. B. Cash

pictured: A witch-hunt by the anti-white forces that rule America has been undertaken against the Duke lacrosse team

(4/12/06) I am angry and outraged. As one of the few people on the planet that regularly writes a column commenting on issues that effect the white “community” I will take the liberty to speak for the people whose views I represent and say that I (we) feel extremely angry and outraged at the high tech lynching being performed on the white members of the Duke University lacrosse team.

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13 April, 2006

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