26 April, 2022

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Comments reenabled.

Things will stand as they are now with this exception:

We are parting ways with Socrates. You can find him on the forum.

Linder is at KirksvilleToday.com, posting daily. You can leave comments there.

This site will stay up, may be added to now and then.


26 April, 2022

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Consider: Google search results today (“hits”) using the exact phrase: “twitter trump” = 520 million hits (in all categories), and 190 million hits (in news only).

I was suspicious when the first thing out of 7 top Jews’ mouths (er, keyboards) after Elon Musk bought Twitter was “is Trump going to be allowed back on Twitter?” Thar she blows! Moby! The big obsession! The whole enchilada!

One fellow said, about a year ago, “everything bad that’s going on today is about Trump.” Yes. The censorship of social media, the Covid lockdowns, the Covid “vaccine” mandates, Jan. 6 — it was all about weakening support for Trumpism (i.e., right-wing populism), which scares the crap out of the Jews. It’s true. In fact, Jews lie awake in bed at night saying over and over, “we can’t allow Trump to be president again!” “We can’t allow Trump to be president again!” One Jew even said that, more or less, on TV. The Jews are obsessed with Trump. Not just Trump, but him and his 100 million gun-owning, White followers who are “secret anti-Semites” (many are, because they’re smart and well-read). Just listen to the hysterical language of the Jews about Twitter right now: references to Hitler, fascism, Nazi Germany, etc., etc.

It’s all about Trump and Trumpism. Indeed, the next election, and the next one, will be about Trump and his followers.

26 April, 2022

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“The first shock will be the painful recognition that Ukraine is not prevailing against Russia’s Operation Z, despite the combined efforts of the US news media and the Intel Community to put over that narrative. True, it took Russia more than a few days to overcome Ukraine’s NATO-fortified defenses, but now most of that has been neutralized, and we’re into the final weeks heading towards resolution — which will be a Ukraine that is unable to make any more trouble in that corner of the world.”


26 April, 2022

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We White men should thank God that Elon Musk bought Twitter. We’ll get a lot of our free speech back.

But Twitter is only one social media platform. What about the rest of social media, which is largely in Jewish hands (just like the mainstream media)?

Regardless, free speech is arguably the most important and valuable thing in the Western world. Without free speech, you can’t accomplish anything. You can’t learn. You can’t grow. You can’t communicate.

Isn’t it ironic how the Judeo-Left was really big on free speech circa 1964, on the college campuses, but now the J-Left leads the movement to silence free speech? A great example is “Holocaust denial.” There’s an old woman (named Ursula Haverbeck) sitting in prison right now in Germany because she expressed doubts about the “official narrative” of the “Holocaust” [1]. And she should express doubts. The Holocaust narrative was “set” by Jews (and not by any government), who are the biggest liars in world history [2]. Old saying: “how can you tell if a Jew is lying? His lips are moving!” [3].



[1] Haverbeck is serving 1 year in prison for “denying that Jews were systematically murdered during the Holocaust.” First of all, why would that be a crime? Opinions are like elbows: everybody has them. Actually, Jews weren’t “systematically murdered” but were accidentally murdered when the “allies” bombed all the German supply lines (roads, bridges, railway lines), thereby guaranteeing that even the German camp guards would starve. Nice going, “allies” (aka “All Lies”). Piles of bodies? You created them.

[2] the magical “6 million dead Jews” number was arrived at via “extrapolation” in 1945 by a Jewish judge and diplomat named Dr. Jacob Robinson (1889-1977). Interestingly, the number “6 million” has a special significance for the Jews, since they have used it many times throughout history (236 times, to be exact). For example: “There are 6,000,000 living, bleeding, suffering arguments in favor of Zionism.” — Rabbi Stephen S. Wise, in the New York Times, June 11, 1900 (this was 40 years before “The Holocaust”).

[3] Bonus Holocaust joke: “Where do you send Jewish kids with Attention Deficit Disorder? To a concentration camp!” (rimshot).

25 April, 2022

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Video: “The War On Western Culture” with Douglas Murray & Jordan Peterson.

Yes. “Racism” was NOT the guiding force of Western culture. It was only a small part of it.


What?? “Marxism is also a branch of Western thought”?? Nope! Karl Marx was a Jew, and Jews, being non-White people by DNA, are not Western! Come on! Wake up. Smell the coffee. Have some toast and bacon.

[Video, 2 hours].

25 April, 2022

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Why not? Because “tear White society down!” isn’t an ideology. It’s destruction. Nothing more. That’s not politics. That’s not philosophy. That’s not an ideology. That’s vandalism and violence, and that was true in Russia in 1917 and it was true in America in 1968 and it’s still true in 2022 America. These greasy, oily, leftist people are thugs. Criminals. Vandals. Destroyers.

25 April, 2022

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Today, everything is political: education, money, food, sports, pets, healthcare, the weather, clothes, trees — you name it, it’s political. Why? Because the political Left controlled America for decades, that’s why. Leftists make everything political. Why? Because they’re angry, emotional, unhappy, creepy people with an axe to grind. “I didn’t ask to be born!” says the leftist. Really?? Too bad she wasn’t aborted. She went on to become a Senator. Lucky us.

25 April, 2022

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“Who was the genius who colored Democrats blue and Republicans red on election maps? I can understand the Democrats wanting to hide their true colors, but why did the Republicans accept it?

Words have meanings. To an old Cold Warrior, the word “Red” means “Communist” and that’s what my mind locks onto when I hear it, and probably every other old soldier’s, too. It is time to restore color correctness!”


25 April, 2022

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All left-wing political movements since circa 1960 use “the power of the victim” as a weapon and tactic. Each leftist movement equals “poor, innocent victims fighting against the evil, White, male power structure” (i.e., feminism, Black civil rights, homosexual rights, etc.). “The power of the victim” is very powerful, since women and minorities identify strongly with outsider status, and they now comprise a large percentage of the American vote in each election.

This “perpetual victim” tactic accomplishes at least two things at once: it demonizes White men and it also creates endless tension and fighting in society, which is a distraction: that provides cover or camouflage for the Jews and the leftists to move about largely unnoticed.

See also Bill Whittle’s video “Victim Worship.”

25 April, 2022

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Great! Smell that? Freedom is coming back. [Article].