11 May, 2021

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Not that I would want to live under National Socialism, a.k.a. Nazism. I really wouldn’t. However, it’s the only thing that will save America and Europe right now. Capitalism isn’t going to save them.

Unlike Marxism (which is a Jewish-founded fraud), National Socialism actually works. In fact, NS works very well (it took Germany from bankruptcy to being an economic powerhouse in 4 years. That’s how NS redeems/rehabs itself).


11 May, 2021

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Jews tend to lead “liberation” movements in the Western world. For example: feminism, homosexual rights, civil rights, abortion, etc. An early pioneer of the sex-change/transgender movement was the Jewish doctor Magnus Hirschfeld, in Germany, circa 1905. Another, later, Jewish pioneer of the sex-change movement was Stanley H. Biber, who died in Colorado in 2006.

With that in mind, this article should not surprise you:

“The document Rothblatt drafted would later be referred to as the International Bill of Gender Rights (IBGR).” [1].



[1] “Born as Martin Rothblatt to a Jewish family in Chicago, Illinois in 1954 to Rosa Lee and Hal Rothblatt, a dentist, she was raised in a suburb of San Diego, California.” — Wikipedia, May 2021

10 May, 2021

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Are you a member of a liberal group? Then you’re a member of a hate group. Bigot!

Everybody hates to some degree, but nobody hates like a leftist. When Donald Trump won the federal election in 2016, the leftists burned cars and rioted in the streets in several cities, including NYC, Los Angeles and Oakland. In 2020 they rioted all summer long. They are still rioting in Portland today. That’s pure hate! Leftists hate White people especially — which is funny because many of them are White. They hate themselves and they hate America. They hate all aspects of Western culture. Why aren’t liberal groups listed as “hate groups”?

10 May, 2021

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There are lots of conspiracy theories around. But here’s a real one. This article is from December, but some people may have missed it: it’s about a genuine, global conspiracy to shape “news” and information about Covid-19. What will be said about it, what won’t be said about it, etc.

So much for “democracy” and “freedom of speech” and so forth. This runs directly against those cherished ideas.

This manipulation of health information is a danger to public safety: just ask the 3,500 people who have already died from the Covid vaccine, which has not been fully approved by the FDA and is being used on an “emergency” basis.

Also, look for all new pandemics in the West to be heavily politicized, so that frightened leftists can quickly weed out any dissenters [1].

News quote: “A coalition of news providers and tech companies has pledged to work together to tackle harmful misinformation about Covid-19 vaccines.” (“Harmful”? Who decides what is harmful? Ohhh, they do! Tech outfits are gonna decide for us!)



[1] leftists are more emotional than rightists because they rate higher in “affect intensity.” Someone who rates high in affect intensity feels emotions more strongly than normal people. This is not good during a crisis, as you might imagine. For this reason, leftists should not be allowed to hold positions of power or authority.

9 May, 2021

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According to the expert, the number of deaths warrant recalling the Covid vaccine. There have been over 3,000 vaccine deaths since December 2020. [Article].

9 May, 2021

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Captain: “Call out the Community Health Battalion from Fort Stalin! There are 5 citizens up in Bakersfield who won’t take the new vaccine! Use whatever force is needed!”

Sergeant: “Yes, sir!”

Sounds like the Soviet Union, doesn’t it? It’ll happen soon. The U.S. military will be used to force citizens to get vaccinations, or, to close down entire cities and states for questionable “health reasons.” A “militarized medical system” will emerge that will use force if needed. Very Orwellian. The liberals liked the Covid lockdowns so much that they want to install a system to do them regularly. Just imagine the possibilities: lockdowns and forced vaccines every year; no one can opt out. Liberals are control freaks so this suits them perfectly. (Consider the Covid-19 lockdowns: the more liberal the state, the more severe was the lockdown).

“Far from “ending cancer” in the way most Americans might envision it, the proposed agency would merge “national security” with “health security” in such as way as to use both physical and mental health “warning signs” to prevent outbreaks of disease or violence before they occur. Such a system is a recipe for a technocratic “pre-crime” organization with the potential to criminalize both mental and physical illness as well as “wrongthink.”


9 May, 2021

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“Liberals and Marxists hate you for being White. Or, more importantly, they hate you for not being ashamed that you are White.” [Here].

8 May, 2021

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A good version of the song, The Impossible Dream, from the 1965 Broadway musical “Man of La Mancha,” which is, loosely, about the novel Don Quixote. Mr. Cavara does a wonderful job here.

The song was originally written by a Jew named Leigh (real name Michnick), but, whether that Jew “took some liberties” when he wrote the song, I don’t know. Jews often do, you see. They often, ahem, “borrow” the works of gentiles. Einstein did it.

[Video; 3 and 1/2 minutes].

Elvis’ version: [Video; 3 minutes].

8 May, 2021

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Here it comes: The “Equality Act.” A new snivel-rights/human-blights law. (A human blight = a tranny, for example, or a queer or a negro). As if we need another human-blights law. We have lots of them already.

Civil rights, human rights, gender rights — it’s all Cultural Marxism trying to make everybody “equal” when they cannot ever be.

Hundreds of major companies are supporting this legislation. So much for capitalism being your friend. Some friend. (One reason big capitalism likes this type of nonsense is because these types of laws often bankrupt smaller businesses who can’t afford to comply with such laws. That, in turn, means less competition for the bigger guys).

First of all, there’s no such thing as “transgender.”

Second of all, trannies already have “protection” under the law, as do all citizens.

“The Equality Act, if made law, would enable any male, by simply declaring himself a woman, to enter private female-only spaces at will, like changing rooms, jails, shelters, and dormitories.” (This law would be big trouble).


More [Here].

8 May, 2021

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by Thomas Dalton, Ph.D.

“Anyone who has spent even a short time battling against the Judeocracy has surely experienced the frustration of attempting to persuade a trusted friend or colleague of the gravity of the situation—only to fail. This is undoubtedly one of the most discouraging and troubling aspects of those who take up the mission for truth and justice. We repeatedly encounter intelligent and well-read individuals who, we believe, surely must share our sense of concern and outrage. If they do not, it can only be from lack of knowledge; therefore, a short chat or a targeted reading or two, we think, will do the trick. The facts are indisputable, and hence it is merely a matter of information. Once our friends have the requisite facts, they will surely—surely—see things our way. And yet, time after time, they do not.

Why is this? What are they thinking? What is their logic? How is it that they can fail to be fully convinced of the severity of the Jewish Question? Or even just be sympathetic to our stance? Why is it that they occasionally even become outright hostile—not to them, but to us? How can they be in denial of what is, from a rational and objective standpoint, surely one of the major problems facing civilized humanity? Undoubtedly this could be the topic of a book-length treatment, and I can only outline a few basic ideas here. But I think there is some merit in examining the basic categories of response and denial by those confronted, perhaps for the first time in a serious manner, with the Jewish Question and with the many problems of living under de facto Jewish rule.”