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22 September, 2009

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1. Bye-Bye, White Jobs Where’s the public outrage? There isn’t any. White people have niggerball and junk food to keep them distracted: [Article]. 2. China’s Arsenal “The 2.3 million-member People’s Liberation Army is the world’s largest standing military..” Of course, China’s having been Jewed – instead of following a more normal political route – helped […]

18 May, 2009

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There’s no slowing the Jewish tikkun olam machine as it tries to remake Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan – and who knows where else next – for the benefit of world Jewry. (Isn’t it interesting which countries the Jews select for remodeling? For example, they ignore the Asian/Oriental countries, unless you want to count the installation of […]

29 March, 2009

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by Arch Stanton. Most Americans are political twits and thus have almost no idea about what is going on politically other than what the media tells them. For this reason many Americans view Obama like this: The Chinese have a different view however. Being more politically and economically savvy, they have purchased a large financial […]

23 March, 2009

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(*rip*) “Oops, so bad ruck, Joe. You get the AIDS. More carefurry next time…” [Article].

14 March, 2009

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Funny and sad at the same time. We borrow massive amounts of money from a wealthy (!) communist – ok, semi-communist – country to, among other things, pay for wars that we shouldn’t be fighting in the first place. Trivia: two Jews – Solomon Adler and Harry Dexter White – played important roles in the […]

26 November, 2008

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Chinks who practice an oppressive, Jewish ideology are pissed about the new Guns N’ Roses CD: [Article].

8 August, 2008

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Since today is the start of the Olympics in Beijing, China, let us note for the record that not one Western leader did the decent thing and said, “no, our athletes are not going to compete in a country that has murdered tens of millions of its own people since 1949, a country which is […]

24 July, 2008

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Someone wondered aloud if China would “get away with” its new rule that negroes cannot be served in bars in Beijing. The answer, of course, is yes, the Chinese will get away with it, because they aren’t White. The “all humans are equal” propaganda, which is spouted daily by the Jews and their shabbos goys, […]

5 May, 2008

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When Western athletes travel to China for the Olympics this August, few of them will understand that they’re going into a country that is enslaved by a Jewish ideology, i.e., communism. Maoism is based on Marxism-Leninism. (Granted, China has embraced some political reforms in recent years, so is no longer purely Maoist) [1]: [Article]. [1] […]

4 March, 2008

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Of course – China is a large communist country. But much more importantly: what’s always missing in any talk about China? It’s the vital role that Jews played in the communization of it. For example, two Jewish officials in the U.S. Treasury Department – Harry Dexter White and Solomon Adler – deliberately sabotaged China’s currency […]