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7 January, 2007

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by Michael O’Meara Comrades: I’m honored by this invitation to speak to you today. Honor, though, comes with trepidation — since my role at this conference is to report that the main threat to white American survival is not what the so called Devil Theory of Politics (however pertinent) would have us believe, but rather […]

2 January, 2007

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“It ain’t what you don’t know, it’s what you know that just ain’t so.” – adage Realize that wherever jews have incentive to lie, they will. It is their ‘religion’ to do so. If most of what you know you learned in school, and school’s agenda is set through textbooks whose guidelines were prepared by […]

17 December, 2006

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[Originally an LTE to Brighton Independent] After watching six hours of TVO’s recent airing of “Liberty” (an expensive American production purporting to explain the reasons and history of the American War of Independence), I am driven to ask if this TV fare was an indication of TVO’s participation in the Revisionist Movement or simply a […]

5 October, 2006

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IV. THE REVOLT OF THE HIGHBROWS “Here was a new generation … grown up to find all Gods dead, all wars fought, all faiths in man shaken.” –F. Scott Fitzgerald’s This Side of Paradise. BY THE end of the war with Germany, social compulsion had become a national habit. The typical American of the old […]

24 August, 2006

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Klansmen, Irishmen, and Nativists: The Origins of Racial Nationalism in America by Michael O’Meara