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4 March, 2008

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Of course – China is a large communist country. But much more importantly: what’s always missing in any talk about China? It’s the vital role that Jews played in the communization of it. For example, two Jewish officials in the U.S. Treasury Department – Harry Dexter White and Solomon Adler – deliberately sabotaged China’s currency […]

13 June, 2007

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Big Jew: “Put pressure on Iran over its nuke program. At the same time, ignore the fact that China has a large nuclear arsenal. Also, never ask how China became a member of the UN Security Council, and never mention that China murdered 60 million people. Understand?” World leaders: “Yes, master.” [Article]

15 November, 2006

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Alex, I have been saying for years now the next (real) war will be with China. Considering the fact that the Chinese now own almost half our debt and considering the jews have conveniently sold them our most advanced military technology, including the stealth capabilities that have allowed their submarines to achieve this level of […]