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13 November, 2014

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Yes, Jews are nation-wreckers who delight in ruining White countries with various “poisons” (e.g., feminism, homosexual rights, sexual hedonism, financial manipulations), but Cohn-Bendit has gone further than most Jews in that way. He led the Marxist student revolt in France in 1968, and later he defended adult sexual behavior with children [1]. It’s amazing that […]

24 October, 2014

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“The federal government and all major political parties have come out against the initiative, with Justice Minister Simonetta Sommaruga recently calling it ‘xenophobic’ and harmful to the Swiss economy, which she said depends on immigrants.” What a fool she is. As if economics is more important than your culture. Newbies, nothing is more important than […]

9 September, 2014

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This new law will “tie the hands” of the Golden Dawn party. How will nationalist parties survive in Europe with all these “anti-racism” laws being passed? They won’t survive. That’s the whole idea. [Article].

4 September, 2014

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(Above: the “Italian” politician. Does she look Italian to you?) Thirty years ago, this news would have been satire. Now, it’s reality. [Article].

23 August, 2014

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[…] “The Eurocrats are very fond of the word ‘democracy,’ but they consistently oppose democratic procedures when these would present an obstacle to their plans: ‘With the Lisbon Treaty, you didn’t let a single nation other than the Irish vote, and when the Irish said no, you bribed them into compliance.’ If Willinger were a […]

12 August, 2014

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I wouldn’t call the EU “dead.” Wounded maybe, but not deceased. As long as the Jews and internationalists have their way, global government will continue, even if under new names or re-invented frameworks, in order to fool the people. Notice the mention of the European central bank: “The single European currency imposed a single interest […]

7 August, 2014

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Great idea. Every country should be separate and sovereign. Every country should control itself with no outside interference. International government sucks. But listen to this idea for Scotland, put forth by Scotland’s National Party: “Scottish National party: Scotland to become an independent sovereign nation by 2016, but to remain in the EU…” Why on Earth […]

29 June, 2014

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Another country embraces global government. Ukraine’s new president, Petro Poroshenko, who is half-Jewish, signed a free-trade deal with the EU, binding Ukraine to international rules and regulations, and international debt. If you recall, this is the same trade deal that caused months of violence in the Ukraine when the last president didn’t sign it. [Article].

13 June, 2014

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Navi Pillay is a UN “human rights” official (that means she’s way smarter and way more important than you are). What are human rights? It’s hard to say. Human rights are shadowy, slippery things. For example, having sex with a donkey may be a human right, but then again, maybe not, or, maybe it’s a […]

26 May, 2014

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European far-right/anti-immigration parties are gaining in popularity, thank God, and they did well in this EU election (in France, Britain and Greece). [Article].