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22 October, 2014

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It makes some good points. [Video]. More [Here].

19 October, 2014

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Big Jew: “Sorry, Golden Dawn, but it’s illegal to defend your Greek culture. You must allow your culture to be destroyed via immigration, Semitism, leftism and feminism.” Leftist: “So sorry, Golden Dawn.” Feminist: “Yes, so sorry. Better luck next time…wait a second…there won’t be a next time! Ha-ha!” [Article].

26 September, 2014

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22 September, 2014

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“Feminism has become an unpopular word”? No matter. It’s a word that’s no longer needed since its goals (nation-wrecking, via family-wrecking and relationship-wrecking) have already been accomplished. Whether a woman calls herself a feminist or not, she probably is one. Does she work all day outside the home, while virtually ignoring her husband and family? […]

3 September, 2014

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Seen on TV and on the internet on the same day: a man declaring that his wife made him sell his motorcycle, and another man who said that his wife made him shave off his beard. Are there no real men left in America? Are all the men “whupped”? I’ve even seen tough men who […]

27 August, 2014

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He might do that via an executive order. Not only would that be a big step in the racial “browning” of America, but, that would also give both the Mexicans and the liberals considerably more political power, since most Mexicans vote Democrat. Such an executive order may be unconstitutional, but it may happen anyway, because […]

13 August, 2014

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Have you noticed that modern young women look more “mannish” than young women of previous generations? One reason for that is: today’s women are exercising more, including light weight-training. Vigorous exercise increases women’s testosterone levels, leading to a more mannish appearance in their faces and bodies.

29 July, 2014

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(Above: Karl Marx) Karl Marx: “All humans will be equal!” Vladimir Lenin: “All humans will be equal!” Chairman Mao: “All humans will be equal!” U.S. Justice Department: “All humans will be equal!” [Article].

28 July, 2014

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Is it really anti-feminism? A big problem with feminism is that it has so saturated Western culture that it’s hard for many people to tell what is, and isn’t, feminism. Things that would have been called “feminism” in 1970 are called “normal” today. [Article].

1 July, 2014

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Jews, such as Ruth Bader Ginsburg, are not happy that the U.S. Supreme Court has allowed private companies to avoid providing women with some types of birth control under Obamacare. The Jews are angry about the court ruling for two reasons: birth control advances the feminist agenda, and birth control prevents White babies from being […]