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28 June, 2011

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You can trace this international “crimes against humanity” charge against Gaddafi to a Jewish lawyer: Lt. Col. Murray Bernays. I’m not a fan of Arab dictators, but all countries have natural sovereignty [1]. Therefore, this arrest warrant is bogus and illegal. If anyone should face charges for committing “crimes against humanity,” it’s the Jews. For […]

22 April, 2011

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Alex once said that a Jew is the type of person who would trip you down the stairs and then sell you bandages at the bottom. [Article].

25 December, 2010

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Newbies, the idea that “some Jews are good people” is an old one and a dangerous one. Jews are Jews. Whites are Whites. They must not mix. As Alex said, there must be a clear line between Jews and gentiles: [Essay].

11 December, 2010

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Despite his lavish lifestyle, there was a cloud following him around. It’s a good bet that eventually more people will be arrested in the Bernie Madoff swindle – after all, it can’t be easy to dispose of $50 billion dollars by yourself. (Trivia for newbies: most of the big-time swindlers in America have been Jews). […]

16 November, 2010

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Can you imagine the outcry if the tables were turned and a gentile surgeon walked out on an Original Bigot during an operation? That fellow would never work in the field of medicine again and he’d probably have to move to another city as well in order to escape notoriety [1]: [Article]. [1] Original Bigot […]

29 September, 2010

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White women, drugs, pornography, kidneys – is there anything Jews won’t traffic in? [Article].

25 September, 2010

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Psychiatrist: “For how long have you suspected that you’re really Jewish?” ‘Neo-Nazi’: “Ever since I fell into a pile of fresh poop at the dog kennel. I had dreams about it for weeks afterward. Dreams that were strangely pleasant and erotic. That’s when I began to wonder…” [Article].

8 September, 2010

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1. Anarcho-Zionism [Here]. 2. Policing the Elites [Here].

26 August, 2010

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The antidote is the poison! The cure is the disease! The ugliest form of hate in world history is Judaism, and its off-shoot, Marxism. Yet, we gentiles are told that the response to Judaism/Marxism (i.e., Nazism) is the worst hate: [Article].

8 June, 2010

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Oppose Zionism? Tired of Jewish media control? You’ve got a “problem”: [Article].