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4 November, 2007

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Talk about it on the VNN Forum: [Here]. More about Paul: [Here].

4 November, 2007

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This matter raises several important questions, among them a constitutional one: why is this a federal police matter, i.e., what about the 10th Amendment? Doesn’t that amendment say that anything not mentioned in the constitution becomes a matter for the states or local people to settle? Are “hate crimes” or “civil rights” mentioned in the […]

3 November, 2007

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Let’s hope that this attitude spreads throughout Europe: [Article].

3 November, 2007

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by Dr. Kevin MacDonald: [Here].

3 November, 2007

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The Jewish state got its wish: UNESCO will now develop curriculum about the Holocaust. That seems sort of fitting, since the UN itself has Jewish roots [1]: [Article]. [1] more about this matter, and about the founding of the UN: [Here]

2 November, 2007

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Here’s some trivia: over the past 50 years, Africa has regressed. Despite massive Western aid, daily life there is getting worse. Why? For one thing, many Whites have left that country. The European colonies in Senegal, Zambia, etc., are gone. The White-ruled governments of South Africa and Rhodesia are only a memory. If Blacks are […]

2 November, 2007

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By Nicholas Stix. Alex is mentioned in this article by the Jewish journalist: [Article].

1 November, 2007

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A new book by Jon Entine: [Article]. Note: the late Dr. William L. Pierce referred to the Jews as a “hybrid” race (the result of inbreeding). More about Jews and their racial or genetic features: [Here], [Here] and [Here]

1 November, 2007

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By Dr. Tom Sunic. This essay makes some important points, e.g., that Christianity is not of Western origin (indeed, St. Paul was formerly a Jew named Saul). However, VNN readers will no doubt question whether Jews could ever assimilate into White society even if anti-Semitism was absent: [Article].

31 October, 2007

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So what if they are? America was founded as a White republic, so any negative attitudes that Whites have about non-Whites are traditional and beyond any criticism [1]: [Article]. [1] the “racist” views of America’s founders concerning race and citizenship can be found in this early law: [Here]