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27 November, 2008

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Westerners who push racial and sexual “equality” are pushing Soviet ideology. Literally. It wasn’t until the third Soviet Constitution (1936) that the status of citizens was spelled out in detail. Granted, Soviet officials didn’t honor all of the promises made in the Soviet Constitution, e.g., freedom of speech. Note especially Article 123, which is a […]

17 November, 2008

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Now that Obama has been elected president, this important issue is being revisited for the benefit of newbies: “At learning tasks which require only memory – for example, simple arithmetical operations and spelling – properly motivated Blacks can do nearly as well as Whites. But at tasks which require abstraction, or inference of a general […]

5 November, 2008

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Those of you who don’t believe in the worse-is-better theory – and there are many who don’t – are feeling pretty low today. So, in an effort to give you some degree of comfort, you should know that our hero, Dr. William Luther Pierce, also embraced the worse-is-better theory. Hopefully, Pierce’s words will help you […]

9 October, 2008

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But why are foxes guarding the henhouse in the first place? Also: Dr. William Pierce on Enron: [Article].

6 October, 2008

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Where would the Jews (in this case, half-Jews) be without globalism? Nowhere. They need it: [Article].

25 September, 2008

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It’s an important question. The late Dr. William Pierce called the Jews a “hybrid” race, i.e., the big Jewish group called the Ashkenazim + the small Jewish group called the Sephardim. “Race” needs to be redefined by the scientific community to include the Jews: [Article].

11 September, 2008

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Pierce (born 9-11-33, died 7-23-02) was a giant in White nationalist philosophy. Many of us got into WN because of him. Dr. Pierce’s radio shows: Text-only: [Here]. Audio: [Here].

2 August, 2008

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…almost every time it’s distributed in America it’s investigated by the police. And some police departments treat literature distribution as a crime itself. Dr. William Pierce had an interesting experience with police re: pro-White literature: [Article].

16 July, 2008

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Pearlman is currently in prison serving a 25-year sentence for fraud [1]: [Article]. [1] Dr. William L. Pierce on Jewish swindlers: [Here]

20 May, 2008

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Dr. William Pierce’s infamous novel goes global. (The novel can be found online as well): [Article].