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31 October, 2012

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by Dr. William Pierce. […] “But most fundamentally the Jew, like the scorpion and every other creature, does what it is in his nature to do. He has always lived not by settling down on a piece of turf of his own and planting his own crops and building his own house, but rather by […]

29 October, 2012

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Keeper of the Flame (1942) Director: George Cukor Screenwriter: Donald Ogden Stewart ┬áReviewed by: N.B. Forrest I saw this flick last night for the first time, and I felt moved to put fingers to plastic. It stars Spencer Tracy & Katherine “Pep-ridge Fahm” Hepburn, and is about Robert Forrest, a big national hero who dies […]

28 October, 2012

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Bond: “Muh name be Bond. Dontrell Bond.” Bartender: “Allow me to fix you a vodka martini – shaken, not stirred, of course.” Bond: “Word, homes, I be wantin’ a 40-ounce and some chicken wings.” [Article].

28 October, 2012

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We have free speech in America? Ha! We have the illusion of free speech. Just try to poke fun at any person in a minority class (Black, Brown, Jew, queer) and see what happens. (Of course, anyone can say anything about White, heterosexual males). It’s worth pointing out to newbies that political correctness began in […]

25 October, 2012

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(Above: one of the Jews who terrorized Hungary, named Matthias Rakosi, circa 1950. The author David Irving wrote a good book about Hungary, called “Uprising”). [Article]. [Photos].

24 October, 2012

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by Dr. William Pierce. […] “And as I said, there is a very common assumption made that the ongoing destruction of our society and our civilization is the consequence of applying the fallacious belief system of the liberals to the formulation of public policy. But this very common assumption is incorrect — or perhaps it […]

24 October, 2012

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Don’t worry. All the Jews are trying to do is “fix the world” since gentiles screwed it up/didn’t manage it right, according to Judaism. It’s not like the world is in danger or anything…what??…”remember the Comintern?” Oh, yeah. Never mind, then. Anyway, about OSCE. First, there was the League of Nations, but it didn’t do […]

22 October, 2012

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Isn’t it funny how working to preserve White culture is “controversial”? Whites gave the world to mankind, yet who ever says “thanks, White people”? [Article].

20 October, 2012

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Feminism is a culture-wrecker no matter where you live. [Article].

18 October, 2012

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Dr. Pierce once said that democracy encourages lying. It’s true. What is a Western politician but a “liar with charisma”? Look at this new memorial park – called “Four Freedoms Park” – honoring the liar who played a major role in starting World War II [1]. While F.D. Roosevelt said that he was going to […]