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24 April, 2017

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Who? What? A hologram? A holograph? Where? What are you talkin’ about? Gas? Gassed? Yeah, my car’s gassed up, I bought some the other day, filled up the tank, in fact. Why do you wanna know?? You some kinda cop?? [Article].

17 January, 2017

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Isn’t it suspicious that there is only one thing in the world that is illegal to question? [1]. How strange is that? It’s very strange indeed! Thanks to Jewish political power, free speech has nearly vanished in the White countries. Newbies, forget the Holocaust “gassing” claims. They’re pure nonsense. Sure, some people died in camps […]

3 July, 2016

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If Auschwitz was a “death camp,” why are there millions of “Auschwitz survivors”? And why was there a hospital at Auschwitz? Also, about 100 people escaped from Auschwitz, yet they said nothing about “humans being gassed” there when they returned to civilization. Why not? These are questions that are illegal to ask in most European […]

25 June, 2016

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George Will is a conservative? Since when? [Article]. More about George Will: [Here].

28 January, 2016

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Looking back at the time when we children were “learning” about the “Holocaust” in grade school, one thing strikes me as odd: in none of the books, films, and slide shows about the HollowCost was any reason ever given as to why Hitler would hate the Jews. It was as if Hitler just persecuted Jews […]

23 July, 2015

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…here’s a good video about HoloBaloney: [Video].

23 July, 2015

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(Above: victims of the Soviets, in the Ukraine, circa 1932) Why would the Germans bother to tattoo prisoners who were going to be “gassed” the next day? Answer: they wouldn’t bother. It’s all bullshit. Lampshades made from human skin? Never happened. “Gassings” in brick-and-wood buildings? The Germans, who were the world’s best engineers at the […]

21 April, 2015

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During WWII, 349 billion Jews were “gassed” in a fake gassing event, so now, an elderly bookkeeper who never killed anyone will probably go to prison for the fake gassings, in order to please Big Jew. (The bookkeeper, Oskar Groening, has said that he saw “gas chambers” at Auschwitz. No, he didn’t. He saw crematoriums. […]

16 April, 2015

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How could we ever forget the HollowCost? The Jews remind us of it every 3 days. By the way, “history’s oldest hate” isn’t the gentile hatred of Jews. It is the Jewish hatred of gentiles. The Jews were the first people to make racial superiority and racial hatred their day-to-day doctrines [1]. [Article]. [1] “Thus […]

10 April, 2015

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(Above: a stolpersteine stone) The dead men (were they Jews?) who are honored by the little stones were “Republicans,” huh? Is that why they tried to communize Spain? What propaganda. The stolpersteine stones are being installed all over Europe to honor the Jewish/Marxist idiots who tried to communize Europe. By the way, Jews led the […]