19 April, 2022

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“Homeless”: a fake, liberal, propaganda word coined circa 1980 by the media. It means:

1. bums
2. boozers
3. drug addicts
4. the mentally ill
5. people wanted by the cops
6. very lazy people/hippies
7. people who hate normal society

The “homeless” have destroyed many American cities. But you’re not allowed to say that!

[Video, 1 hour].

19 April, 2022

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War is hell, but Jewboy Zelenskyy’s people are pure evil. Showing dead Russians’ faces to their mothers?? What??

“The Ukrainian communications to the horrified family members included sending them photos of the abandoned corpses.”


19 April, 2022

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Author Ivor Benson once said, when talking about small capitalism vs. big capitalism:

“Thus, two words are needed: capitalism, meaning what that word originally meant, what the dictionary says it means; and supercapitalism, meaning the wholly changed form of what was once correctly called capitalism. Capitalism, as originally and correctly understood, means private ownership of property and resources and competitive free enterprise in the supply of goods and services. Supercapitalism, which can be defined as highly concentrated finance-capitalism (i.e., bank capitalism), is not only different from capitalism, it is the antithesis of capitalism and sooner or later acquires the character of being actively anticapitalist.” — from the book “The Zionist Factor: the Jewish Impact on Twentieth Century History” (Costa Mesa, CA., The Noontide Press, 1992) by journalist/political analyst Ivor Benson, chapter 9, p. 121-122.

This below is exactly what Benson was talking about. This is no longer capitalism as most people would think it is. This is “nearly-complete control of the public mind by a handful of people” (and of course these people all belong to one ethnic group: they are Jews):

“As for the consequences of all this deregulation — whereas 50 companies dominated the media landscape in 1983, that dwindled to nine companies by the 1990s. It got worse from there. Today, just six conglomerates control 90% of what you watch, read, or listen to.”


19 April, 2022

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Leftist #1: “In January 2021, we banished The Evil from Twitter. Permanently!” [1].

Leftist #2: “Yes! Orange Man Bad was a threat to our democracy! He was spreading fascism and hate on social media!”

Leftist #3: “But…but now, with Elon Musk poised to buy…(*sob*)(*sniff*)…Twitter…”

Leftist #4: “The Evil might return!! He…he…might come back to Twitter!!” (*sob*)(*sniff*)

Leftist #5: “Orange Man Bad is a threat to our democracy!!” (*choke*)(*sob*)

Leftist #6: “Free speech is racism! Free speech is hate and it’s a threat to our democracy!” (*sob*)(*sniff*).

“Hours after Musk made his offer to buy Twitter, he repeated the idea for open sourcing Twitter’s algorithms during an on-stage appearance at the TED conference in Vancouver. He also said it should be made clearer to users when any actions are taken by Twitter that impact what you tweet — such as decisions to amplify or de-emphasize tweets.”



[1] incredibly, Donald Trump’s ban from Twitter was permanent. Contrast that to notorious people who weren’t even banned. And the ban happened while Trump was still president! Consider the Taliban spokesman Suhail Shaheen: he has more than 350,000 Twitter followers. See the article “Trump banned from Twitter while Taliban has not been” by Craig Timberg and Cristiano Lima, August 18, 2021, [Here].

18 April, 2022

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Kid: “Owwww! Mom, my arm is sore!”

Mother: “Stop complaining, Bobby! You’ve only had 12 jabs; 8 more and you’ll be all set until next month!”

(Bobby died later that day. Nobody knows why).

Just when you thought Covid-19 hysteria might be ending! It’s not! Getting a clue yet? Huh? I guess the new Biden plan is to “push Ukraine and Covid onto the public like there’s no tomorrow because America is circling the drain and people might notice that, and we must somehow win the mid-term elections, or else Dr. Evil (Trump) could re-take the Oval Office in 2024.” That seems to be the Biden plan.

“Second Global COVID Summit Announced; the Plan is to “vaccinate the world” (but why does the world need to be vaccinated?).


18 April, 2022

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1. The normalization of the negro

I keep seeing negroes with dogs in TV commercials.

Having known some negroes over the years, I know that they are, as a rule, not “dog people.” Marijuana people, yes. Fried chicken people, yes. Violent people, yes. But dog people? No. And millions of dogs are grateful for that.

2. Thoughts on the “Black lives matter” movement

I’m not referring to the BLM group itself, but to the overall movement, dating back to the beginning of the welfare movement in 1965.

The pro-Black movement severely altered the public perception of Blacks. It created a false image of Blacks.

The pro-Black movement has managed to transfer billions of dollars in aid (e.g., welfare payments, grants, scholarships, vocational training programs) from the White community to the Black community. This gave/gives the overall impression that Black people are much more capable than they really are. This makes Blacks “appear more or less equal to Whites” [1]. Left to their own devices, of course, Blacks wouldn’t have refrigerators full of food, pockets full of money and fancy clothes. They’d be on streetcorners begging for nickels.

Trivia: welfare has destroyed the Black family — what there was of it, at least. Fedgov is now “daddy” (the bread-winner) to millions of Black kids. Surely the Johnson Administration knew this would happen, but it didn’t care, since welfare meant more Black votes for the liberals. Welfare greatly increased crime in America, since Black kids had no actual “daddies” to raise them; a kid without a father is a future criminal, even if that father is absent half of the time) [2].


[1] recently, I saw a “fancy negro” (you’ve seen them) in public and I marveled at how everything he had came from Whites: a big, fancy car (invented by Whites), a fancy cellphone (ditto), a fancy wristwatch (ditto), fancy clothes (ditto), fancy sunglasses (ditto), even the words coming from his mouth (English, er, semi-English anyway). This guy was only about 25 years old, but his car was much more expensive than mine! How did that happen?

[2] President Lyndon Johnson’s “Great Society” program (aka, “The War on Poverty”) totally remade America from 1965-onward. It transferred power “from the states to Washington DC” and transferred billions of White tax dollars to Blacks and Browns in many different ways: via actual money, food, housing/rent subsidies, education, health care, job training — you name it and Whitey paid for it! The term “”Great Society” was coined by Jewish presidential advisor and speechwriter Richard N. Goodwin. The “Great Society” amounted to the idea that “the federal government will control nearly everything in America from now on” and you can see how that turned out. Maybe a real White leader will come along soon and undo the “Great Society.” (More trivia: Johnson was a bold liar. He said in 1964, about U.S. involvement in Vietnam, i.e., combat: “We are not about to send American boys 9 or 10,000 miles away from home to do what Asian boys ought to be doing for themselves.” Yet, one year later, he began sending U.S. boys into combat in Vietnam; he sent 3,500 U.S. Marines in March 1965.

17 April, 2022

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Newbies, have you seen the “news” lately? It’s “Ukraine/Russia” hysteria 24/7. It’s just like Covid-19 hysteria, but it involves war instead of a virus (if indeed Covid even exists. How would we know? A nurse I know said that she’s “never met anyone who has had Covid”; many people report the same thing. Where is all this “Covid”? And how would anybody know, medically speaking, since the PCR test didn’t work well for detecting Covid in live humans?).

Why does the media want us to really, really, really care about a war on the other side of the world that doesn’t even involve America? I can think of two reasons:

1. The American/Western media is a Jewish-controlled industry. Jews hate and fear Vladimir Putin, partly because he knows Russian history and he knows that the Jewish Bolsheviks raped-and-murdered Russia from 1917-1953. Indeed, Putin is privy to inside information about Russia/Jews. “Ukraine/Russia” hysteria allows the Jews to demonize Putin 24/7.

2. The Judeo-leftist-run “Joe Biden administration” has ruined America in record time (in just over a year!), and the media Jews know it. So the Jews are keeping the public distracted from that fact with 24/7 “Ukraine/Russia” hysteria (i.e., lies) [1]: “Don’t worry about America. Look over there in Ukraine! Putin is the next Hitler! OMG!!”


[1] About life in Ukraine now: “Despite these strikes, Lviv moves as normal. I see that the shops are open and people walk casually as the buses and trains pass by as usual. This indicates that the public here knows from these experiences that Russia has not been trying to victimize the innocent population of Lviv, instead using precision advanced munitions for purely military targets only.”

17 April, 2022

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This video is from late 2021 but is still relevant.

Can you imagine: money that isn’t inflationary? (Currently, American money is inflationary by default due to “fractional-reserve banking” rules. Our money constantly loses value)[1].

An expert on Bitcoin says: “it’s unique, and, it’s the most conservative thing in history.”

[Video; 2 hours].


[1] “fractional-reserve banking” is inflationary because it causes more money to be available, in our society, than otherwise would be available. In other words, instead of $100 billion dollars being available, $1 trillion is available. “More money” means it’s worth less. That is true of money, or pencils, or guns, or butter, or anything. More of “X” means “X” is worth less, and vice-versa.

16 April, 2022

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Polyamory: a romantic union involving more than 2 people (3, maybe 4 people). Ohhh, what fun. And this advances Western Civilization how??? It doesn’t. That’s the whole idea.

[Radio show, 28 minutes].

16 April, 2022

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Hey, Dope, what’s the West? In other words, what race is the West? WHITE! Wake up, Dope.

“ROME, Italy — Pope Francis accused the West of racism Friday, insisting migrants are “subdivided” by skin color and country of origin.”