27 April, 2021

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In Brown households, it’s common to have 8 or more related people living under one roof: grandparents, uncles, aunts, parents, kids. But in White households? Not so much: it’s usually just the “immediate nuclear family”: a father, a mother, and 2 kids. (The nuclear family is a White Western thing and has been since circa 1850. The extended family, under one roof, is a non-Western thing).

But as America collapses into ridiculousness (thanks to liberals and Jews controlling our society, instead of being arrested and jailed like they should be), look for the word “family” to take on a whole different meaning. “Family” will soon mean 9 relatives crammed into a tiny apartment eating expired food; it’ll be only a little better than Cuba. All the adult children will be there, too.

A funny video. Listen when she coughs. A girl with a sense of humor! Gotta love that. Too few women have a sense of humor.

[Video; 12 minutes].

26 April, 2021

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Question: if race is a social construct (i.e., artificial, man-made), then Blacks don’t exist. And if Blacks don’t exist, then who’s committing all of the crime in Detroit and Baltimore? What?? Crime is a social construct, too?? Oh. Okay, then.

Anyway, most leftists say that “race is just a social construct.” In other words, race is not biologically real. Humans (i.e., the evil White men who ran the world until recently) invented “race” for their own selfish purposes: to oppress sweet, innocent Black and Brown people (who didn’t exist). That’s postmodernism: everything in the world is “a social construct.” Artificial. Not real. Created by evil Pale Males with a power/control agenda! Race, sex/gender, gender behaviors, etc. — as if White males are responsible for women feeling like women, or, for women screaming when they see a giant cockroach in the bathroom! Yeah, we programmed their minds! Yeah, sure! [1]. Trivia: women and minorities are much more likely to believe that race is merely a social construct and not biologically real [2][3]. This is a big problem when they become teachers at your children’s school.

Here’s my point: If that above is true, then how does the organization Black Lives Matter exist? After all, Blacks can’t exist if they are only social constructs. Make-believe beings. Who is giving, and spending, all of the BLM financial donations? If not Blacks, then who? And, if Black people don’t really exist, how can “Black lives matter”?


[1] According to postmodernism (a big, busy off-shoot of the Frankfurt School’s Critical Theory; see below), almost everything in the world is a White, heterosexual-male, social construct. Nothing is actually real, or organic, or natural. Straight White males manufactured everything in the world merely to control everything, to benefit themselves at the expense of everyone else. So you must question everything that straight, White males invented since at least The Enlightenment (circa 1720). It’s all a giant, straight White male plot! Do you buy that silly idea? Postmodernism is sick and dangerous. I’ve said before that postmodernists are mentally ill because they can’t distinguish fantasy from reality (or they don’t want to). Postmodernism is a more-expansive, more-inclusive version of Critical Theory (“critiquing”), which gave birth to Cultural Marxism (Cultural Marxism is a sub-ideology of Critical Theory; see below). Think of postmodernism as Critical Theory on steroids, covering art, architecture, politics, literature, nearly everything under the sun. Postmodernism is also called PostMarxism, for a reason. It’s an updated version of Marxism, applied to all parts of society. Also, “gender” is a made-up term for humans because it originally only referred to words/grammar, e.g., “him” “her” or “his” being masculine or feminine.

[2] “The Social Construction of Reality: A Treatise in the Sociology of Knowledge” was a ground-breaking, 1966 book of baloney by the “sociologists” Peter L. Berger (a Jew; his parents converted to Xianity) and Thomas Luckmann. First of all, the field of sociology came from a Jew (Emile Durkheim). Second of all, these two chuckle-heads above were strongly influenced by another Jew, philosopher Alfred Schütz, who was influenced by two more Jews, philosophers Edmund Husserl and Henri Bergson. So, “social construction” can easily be called “just another Jewish idea designed to upset White Western culture.” The very idea that “reality is socially constructed”! Many, if not most, things in the world are concrete and you decide how real they are, and how to deal with them. But the Jews want you to question everything. Because Jews themselves are slippery, paranoid people who answer questions with questions: “What’s your name?” “Why do you want to know?” True, everyone has “agents of socialization” in their lives (e.g., your father), but the idea that your father “creates your reality” for you is ridiculous. He might influence you, but that’s all.

[3] for clarification: Political Correctness is a sub-ideology of Cultural Marxism (it’s the “language part” of CM, i.e., talking/writing) and Cultural Marxism is a sub-ideology of Critical Theory; so that’s read: Critical Theory>Cultural Marxism>Political Correctness. Confusing, itz.

25 April, 2021

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It seems that, as the Jewish communist Noel Ignatiev (1940-2019; he was the inventor of “White privilege” theory, which was originally called “White skin privilege” theory) inched closer and closer to his grave, he decided to “nice himself up” a little after years of saying that White people are evil and should be genocided. He apparently didn’t want to leave such a horrible and controversial legacy.

So, near the end of his days, Ignatiev created a new narrative: his vicious White-hating was all a hoax! It was “satire” that was wrongly reported as “straight news” by right-wingers, such as Rush Limbaugh, he said. He never said those horrible things. It never happened.

If you buy Ignatiev’s new narrative, I’ve got a bridge to sell you. I’ll toss in a highway, too.

(Curiously, Ignatiev said that race was a “social construct.” How many times have you heard that! I guess George Washington’s and Abe Lincoln’s skins weren’t really White, their skins were just a mass hallucination! Everyone dreamed it. If race is a construct and not biological, then how and why did Ignatiev invent — with the White communist Ted Allen — the concept of “White skin privilege” circa 1967? If race is only a social construct, and not real, how does “White skin” come into play? That is pure postmodernist bullshit, which is so typical of Jews and leftists. And furthermore, a note about Allen: big money says that 90%, or even all, of the “White privilege” idea came from Ignatiev, not from Allen. Why? Because Jews have originated nearly all anti-White ideas since 1837 starting with Moses Hess’ socialism and Karl Marx’s communism, the latter of which was designed to destroy England but it never did [1][2]. Cultural Marxism, however, is destroying England right now! And America, and Canada, etc. CM is doing what Marxism couldn’t!).



[1] Hess’ first writings pre-date Marx’s and his book “Holy History of Mankind” (1837) may have been the first book to advocate social equality for all; Marx didn’t publish “The Communist Manifesto” until 1848. Hess radicalized both Marx and Engels. Marx believed in violent class conflict and revolution, while Hess didn’t.

[2] one article puts the entire idea on Ignatiev’s shoulders and not on Allen’s: “The “White Skin Privilege” idea was created in 1967 by Noel Ignatiev, an acolyte of Derrick Bell and professor at Harvard’s W.E.B. Du Bois Institute.” [Here].

24 April, 2021

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“Original sin” is a Catholic Church belief that all humans are born to sin. They are sinners from birth and will always have the urge to sin (except for me. I haven’t sinned since 1981 and that was an accident, my cousin tricked me into getting drunk, he said it was non-alcoholic beer). But the new “original sin” is: being born White. That idea comes right from the anti-White communists Noel Ignatiev (a Jew) and Ted Allen (a White guy). According to them, White people have “a duty to die” in order to “save humanity from Whiteness.” According to these chuckle-heads, “abolishing the White race” is the key to solving society’s problems. “Whiteness” is a sin, a stain, a blemish that must be removed from the world [1][2][3]. This is Cultural Marxism, of a very pure variety.

It must be made illegal by federal law to teach or practice any form of Marxism in public, especially in schools.

“From here on out, it’s 24/7/365 anti-white from our elite. It will be intense propaganda basically instilling the idea to white children, ‘why were you born when you carry the original sin of whiteness?’”



[1] “The key to solving the social problems of our age is to abolish the white race.” — Noel Ignatiev

[2] “If you are a white male, you don’t deserve to live. You are a cancer, you’re a disease…” — Noel Ignatiev (this is a call for genocide)

[3] Dr. William Pierce called communism a “poisonous, anti-White creed” in National Vanguard Books Catalogue #19, June 2000, page 33, top right.

24 April, 2021

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Everything is liberal because liberals fight harder than conservatives. Why? Because liberals are more emotional and more intolerant (yes, more intolerant) than conservatives, which is funny because for the past 50 years they have insisted that they’re the most “tolerant” of all people. If you are more emotional, you will fight harder. So 1 liberal will outfight 5 or even 10 conservatives, politically speaking. This is a serious problem in America. Think of it like football: Liberals are always playing offense and are always gaining ground. Conservatives are always playing defense and are never gaining any ground. Playing defense is not fighting.(Conservatives need to better familiarize themselves with the concept of force multipliers. A billionaire is a force multiplier. So is a computer, so are websites and email lists. Use them to your advantage; more action, less Jesus).


23 April, 2021

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You’ve heard of The Branch Davidians? Well, these people are The Branch Covidians! They’re preparing for the Second Coming, too: the Second Coming of world communism via endless “pandemics” and forced lockdowns (the First Coming of world communism failed circa 1991 when the Soviet Union collapsed and Cuba went on life support). (hat tip: Journeyman Blacksmith).

“We’re speaking, of course, of the Cult of COVID, the fastest-growing religion in the United States and across much of the developed world, a religion whose spread has been made possible by an alarmingly powerful public-health establishment and large corporations. The Cult of COVID has its own clerical elite, its own commandments and even modesty norms. And like any cult, its fanatic adherents shame and silence heretics for defying the public orthodoxy.”


23 April, 2021

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A good product sells itself. Pizza, for example. No arm-twisting is required to sell pizza. Ditto ice cream and tacos. The public likes those things for a reason. Ditto Honda cars. They’re great, and many Hondas are made in America. No arm-twisting is needed to sell them.

Why are the U.S. government and Big Tech companies trying so very hard to “sell” the Covid-19 vaccine to the public? Most people won’t even need it: 99% of them — if they get Covid — will be asymptomatic and will never even know that they had Covid. Only the elderly and the already-sick might need “the jab.” But the vaccine was rushed to market as “an emergency”, so it may not be safe, as two vaccine experts admitted in November. Only time will tell [1].

(But already, we have seen the government officials lie numerous times about Covid-19, e.g., first they said that they weren’t counting “heart-attack and stroke deaths as Covid deaths” but then later they admitted that, yes, they were indeed doing that! The lies about Covid have been bold and frequent).



[1] Two Israeli scientists admitted that the world will not know immediately if Covid-19 vaccines are safe. Given this fact, how can the government insist that getting “the jab” is safe? Re: the Covid-19 vaccines:

“We will have a safety profile for only a certain number of months, so if there is a long-term effect after two years, we cannot know,” Dr. Tal Brosh said. And Dr. Michal Linial said: “Classical vaccines were designed to take 10 years to develop. I don’t think the world can wait for a classical vaccine.” — from a news article titled “Could mRNA COVID-19 vaccines be dangerous in the long-term?” by Maayan Jaffe-Hoffman, The Jerusalem Post, November 17, 2020.

22 April, 2021

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“This is total madness, and makes me wonder why anyone would want to go into police work these days.” The writer nailed it: nobody is going to want to become a cop today. So, watch America’s big cities collapse in 10 years (or, I should say, collapse even more than they already have, e.g., Detroit, Baltimore, Apelanta, Chimpcago).

Are the police on a path to disengagement with Blacks (similar to Europe’s “no-go zones”)? [1]. Will the Blacks basically have a permit to run amok? That’s not good if you’re a White female or a White senior citizen. Blacks will become even more uppity than they are now (post-Michael Brown and George Floyd).

Anyway. Think about this: all of the Black thugs who have been “murdered” by the police during the past 40 years would be alive today if they had only cooperated with the police! That’s all they had to do! Just cooperate! “Hands behind your back!” “Yes, sir!” But no. Blacks are unable to do that, because they are children in adult bodies (and violent children at that!) and they can’t cooperate with a guy wearing a government uniform. They just can’t. They’re mentally unable to cooperate [2]. So Whitey gets the blame each time. Which begs the question: why didn’t the federal government expel Blacks from America years ago? Why wasn’t the process started in, say, 1980? That Blacks wouldn’t like being expelled is entirely irrelevant. Community safety must take priority over Black feelings. (Blacks can accurately be called “a failed race” since only 10% of them lead productive, crime-free lives).



[1] for example, there are neighborhoods in Paris, France that White police and firefighters cannot enter because they’ll be attacked, usually by Blacks or Muslims.

[2] Blacks have more testosterone than Whites, making them more aggressive; they also have lower impulse control, partly as the result of more testosterone and partly due to their lower IQs; and Blacks are ten times more likely to have the “warrior gene,” known as monoamine oxidase A, or MAOA; it’s also called the “thug gene”

21 April, 2021

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This is a funny cartoon about feminism. But it makes a great point.

I read something interesting about feminism recently. It said “feminism has made women less valuable to men.” That’s why men don’t want to get married or have serious relationships today. A feminized woman is not something that men want. They find no value in such a woman. Only a burden. Only trouble. Hence the MGTOW movement [1]. A man wants a woman, a mother, a yin to his yang, an opposite to his masculinity, a life partner. He doesn’t want “a short man with tits” as someone said.

Feminism, which became The Next Big Thing circa 1972 with the horrible and unconstitutional Equal Employment Opportunity Act (created in March 1972, flooding the workplaces with women, even in the FBI and jails/prisons), has ruined women, which of course was the whole idea: to pit women against men, just like communism, socialism and labor unionism pits People A against People B; all were adversary movements, a.k.a. “liberating” movements, and were dominated by Jews.


[1] MGTOW = Men Going Their Own Way (avoiding marriage and serious romantic relationships)

20 April, 2021

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Woe to the person who doesn’t worship at The Temple of Tranny in 2021. Just ask this guy Dawkins.

Being a tranny gives you amazing power (i.e., the power of the victim/the outsider). No one can criticize you or question your moral status. You’re like a Holocaust survivor, a rape victim and a battered wife all combined into one person. You’re the ultimate victim of White male oppression and patriarchy! Damn those evil pale males!

It’s remarkable how “legitimate” the transgender movement has become — remarkable because there’s no such thing as “transgender.” Just like there’s no such thing as the Easter Bunny, or Bigfoot, or a virgin in France (in France, babies are born unchaste, just like in California. A rabbi told me that. Wonder how he knew?…).