16 April, 2022

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I told you that Jewish lawyers are the “protectors of democracy”! But nooo, you didn’t believe me! Well, I guess you’re feeling pretty stupid right now, huh??? [1]. Yaaaay, democrazy!



[1] “Born to a Jewish family in New York City, Elias was raised in Suffern, New York.” — Wikipedia, April 2022.

16 April, 2022

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Note: this is not about Christian morality [1].

In fact, let’s call our morality “White morality” to avoid confusion with Christian morality.

White morality defined here means: “always doing the right thing in every situation.” A true example of that from circa 1995: one day, I phoned Bob, a friend of mine. His wife answered. She said Bob wasn’t there. I could tell by her speech that she had been drinking heavily. She invited me to “come over anyway.” She said, “come on over, ’cause Bob will be gone all day. You know what I mean?” Yes, I did know what she meant, and I quickly refused her offer and hung up the phone. I did the moral thing that day.

(Christian morality is a funny thing and it’s not moral half the time. For example, how is sending tons of food to Africa to “help the poor, starving Black children” moral? They’ll only multiply, and then the overpopulation problem there will be even worse. When it comes to morality, religion should not come into play since it will skew your logic and your reasoning).

Why is morality important? For one thing, it breeds trust. I can trust my White neighbor and he can trust me. That’s very important. I know he’ll do the right thing and he knows that I will, too. Morality also leads to good decisions each time! (Like when I ordered a pizza last night, that was a moral and therefore good decision! See? Heh-heh). Anyway, follow your inner moral compass and each decision you make will be correct, like clockwork. Think of morality as a game plan for living your life properly [2]. If you don’t have an inner moral compass, get one. Read about The Golden Rule, for example (which came from the New Testament, but whatever, it’s still a good rule).

What is moral in “the big scheme of things” for White people? Simply put: doing what needs to be done to ensure that the White Western world remains White. We built the Western world, and we must preserve it [3]. In fact, if the West dies, the whole world will probably die as well, because non-Whites make poor decisions as a rule.

More on morality [Here].


[1] Christianity isn’t Western. It came from Jews (who wrote the Old Testament) in the Middle East and it was spread all over the world, even into Brown and Asian countries. It’s a global, egalitarian religion. Whites, if they embrace any religion, should embrace Cosmotheism.

[2] “Morality is reason in the practical order. Anything which undermines morality undermines reason” — E. Michael Jones. (Reason/reasoning means “applying logic [to a problem] by drawing conclusions from new or existing information”).

[3] “What needs to be said is that American culture is Eurocentric, and it must remain Eurocentric or collapse into meaninglessness. Standards of European and American origin are the only possible standards that can hold our society together and keep us a competent nation.”
— from the book “Slouching Towards Gomorrah” (New York; ReganBooks, 1996) by judge Robert H. Bork, p. 311

15 April, 2022

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Proving that Marxism and socialism are ridiculous in one easy summary.

Marxism/socialism says: “You, Mr. Citizen, are not capable of controlling your own destiny, but government bureaucrats are.” To put it another way: Marxism/socialism says, “robotic government flunkies have the final word on everything in your life and you’re lucky that they do!” (How arrogant! “Yes, indeed, I wouldn’t have been able to function without Comrade Stalin’s help! Thank God he was there to guide me through life while also murdering half of my family. What a swell guy!” — said nobody, never, ever).

15 April, 2022

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“In December, entirely without fanfare, Britain’s National Police Chief’s Council issued new guidelines for strip-searching women suspects: Men can do it.”

“Female suspects can be strip-searched by police officers who were born male but identify as women – and could be accused of a hate crime if they object, The Mail on Sunday can reveal.”

So, if you object to a he-she fondling you, you have committed a “hate crime”! Of course! Typical leftist tyranny: “the victim is the oppressor” (after all, the female suspect has not yet been tried in court and she could be innocent). Up is down. Day is night.

“Hey, Frank” (who is wearing a dress and still has a pecker) “you’ve been strip-searching that gal for 2 hours! Aren’t you done yet?”

But don’t worry: no matter how bad the madness gets, “woke” is here to stay! The Judeo-Left has too much invested in “woke” to quit now. It’s full speed ahead.


14 April, 2022

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Health insurance agent: “But, why am I going to prison for 5 years?”
Federal judge: “Because you wouldn’t help a mentally-ill freak get a ‘sex-change’ operation.”
Health insurance agent: “But, biologically speaking, there’s no such thing as a ‘sex-change’ operation.”
Federal judge: “Listen, this is America 2022. Joe Biden is president. You’re not in Kansas anymore, Dorothy. You’re over the rainbow!”

(Sing it with me: “Somewheeere, over the rainbow, way uuuuup high…there’s a land full of freaks and clowns that I should avoid…Somewheeere, over the rainbow, skies are green…girls fly around in pink corsets but I think they’re men…someday, I’ll wish upon a star and wake up where the fags are far behiiiind me…”).

“A legal group that assists Catholic employers said it fears President Joe Biden’s administration, through the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS), could issue new regulations this month that would require health plans to pay for abortion and procedures for gender-confused individuals.”

[Article] and [Article].

14 April, 2022

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Someone once said: “you name the horrible event of the 20th century (WWI, WWII, etc.) and the Jews were behind it.” Yes, the 20th century has been called “the Jewish century.”

And the more terrible events (of the 20th century) that you examine, the more Jews you find; after awhile, you stop being surprised. And to think, the Jews got away with all of them. (Do you realize that WWII killed 60 million people? And that’s just one horrible event! What about all the other horrible events Jews were behind? The rape of Eastern Europe via communism from 1945-onward, for example, or the Vietnam War).

It has long been asserted that president John F. Kennedy was killed by the mafia in Nov. 1963. That’s partly true. But there’s a much bigger and more sinister backstory behind JFK’s murder.

“Some of JFK’s communications with then-Israeli Prime Minister David Ben-Gurion are still classified. Not even top-level intelligence officials with special security clearance have been allowed access to these potentially explosive documents.” (That’s curious. Why would that information still be highly-classified in 1995 — 32 years later)?

The Israeli Jew, Yitzhak Shamir, was a member of the Jewish terrorist group Lehi, aka, the Stern Gang. The Israeli Jew, Menachem Begin, was a member of the Irgun, another Jewish terrorist group. The Jew, Meyer Lansky, was a powerful U.S. gangster and a hard-core Zionist. JFK was also “Jew-wise” via his father, Joe Kennedy. It all fits. Israel killed JFK because he was dead set (no pun intended) against Israel getting nuclear weapons (Israel later did get nuclear weapons circa 1967). But JFK’s V.P., Lyndon Johnson, wasn’t against Israel getting nuclear weapons — or if he was, he changed his mind. (Maybe Walt Rostow’s Vietnam War “distracted him” on purpose: “don’t worry about Israel, Lyndon. Focus on Vietnam!”).

More about JFK, Israel, and nukes: [Here]. (You can see the fear and paranoia in the Israelis, about not getting any nuclear weapons, as early as April 1963: “On April 26, [Israeli leader] Ben-Gurion sent a letter to Kennedy warning about the forthcoming destruction of Israel due to the Treaty of Federation signed by Egypt, Syria and Iraq on April 17″; just 7 months later, Kennedy was murdered; Holy Cohencidences Batman!).

(Author Michael Collins Piper died at a motel in May 2015. He was an enemy of powerful Jewish organizations. Quoting Wikipedia: Piper “personally met with Iranian president Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, a Holocaust denier, during his New York City visit to address the United Nations General Assembly.” Strangely, no autopsy was conducted on Piper).


13 April, 2022

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Jewish comedy can’t happen without insults, putdowns, cursing and gross sexual jokes. Contrast that to Bob Newhart, who somehow managed to have a successful, 60-year comedy career without any cursing or sex jokes.


13 April, 2022

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“Is there a shadowy network of Democrat pedophiles plotting to legalize sex with children?

I’ve been hearing that for the past half-dozen years, but to be honest, I don’t see much evidence of any kind of powerful campaign to make child sex abuse the next big thing after gay marriage and transgenderism. Our culture is so obsessed with consent, child safety, and delaying the age of adulthood that it’s hard to see how anybody could ever square the circle of ideologically legitimizing adults having sex with children.”

Understand one thing about modern America: “never say it won’t happen.” Recall: when the Brady Bill (an anti-gun law) was being pushed in Congress in 1994, lots of gun owners said: “it can’t happen, because of the 2nd Amendment.” Well, it happened (thanks to two Jews: Sen. Howard Metzenbaum and Rep. Charles Schumer. Metzenbaum wrote the Brady Bill). Being a “short-eyes” is illegal now, but will it be in 10 years?


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13 April, 2022

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It’s clear that the federal government is running America off a cliff. Look around: is there anything in America that isn’t broken or corrupted? We’ve got tranny men competing (and winning) in women’s sports, for god’s sake! [1]. Our southern border is wide open (how many terrorists have snuck into America via that border on “Biden’s” watch? Nobody knows, of course!). Our congress is full of “woke” idiots who hate normal White people and Russia because Big Jew told them to.

If America is going to survive, the individual states must lead her “out of the woods” and “back to normal.” America was designed so that the states and the federal government share power, aka, “federalism” [2][3]. But currently, there isn’t much “sharing” going on. Almost everything is federal now. (I saw a video on the TV news a few years ago of a fire at a small, local store. Strangely, there were BATF agents there. It seems that they were there because the store sold alcohol! So, what would have been a local [city] issue was a federal issue. Especially since 9/11/2001, nearly everything is federal, not local).

America must decide whether it’s going to be a socialist, globalist, “woke” monstrosity full of trannies and other idiots, or whether it’s going to return to sanity. Again, the states must lead the way.

News headline: “Fifteen states urge Biden administration to keep ‘gender identity’ out of Title IX overhaul”

Quoting the article: “Fifteen GOP state attorneys general urged the Education Department to abandon its plan to redefine biological sex to include gender identity under Title IX, the federal civil rights statute governing gender equality in education, warning that they would take legal action to protect state laws on parental rights in the classroom and in interscholastic sports.”



[1] this is Gender Marxism/Sexual Marxism. Other forms of Marxism today are: Race Marxism (Critical Race Theory), Knowledge Marxism (Critical Education Theory/Critical Pedagogy), Language Marxism (Postmodernism), Ability Marxism and yes, even Food Marxism and Fat Marxism (“being fat is good and healthy!” “Don’t you dare call it ‘obesity’ you weightist fascist!”). It’s all Marxism (Cultural Marxism), it’s just repackaged in various ways. Updated for 2022! The freaks inverting/upending the Western world while the normals just stand around watching it happen! That’s what normals do. They just watch.

[2] The 10th Amendment says: “powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the States respectively, or to the people.”

[3] Article I, Section 8 of the Constitution lists 18 things that the federal government can do. That’s all. But the federal government has gone far beyond those 18 things. Some of those things are:

— Levy taxes and other fees
— Use collected monies to fund US debts (e.g., Defense)
— Borrow money or seek credit on behalf of the US
— Regulate commerce, both domestic and international
— Establish and enforce rules for Naturalization and bankruptcy
— Create and regulate currencies, fixing their value within the US
— Enforce punishments for counterfeiting of securities, including coinage
— Create and maintain postal offices, as well as postal roads
— Grant or enforce private patents and copyrights
— Establish courts inferior to the Supreme Court (e.g., Courts of Appeals)
— Punish piracy and other maritime transgressions
— Declare war and define rules for capture during wartime (note that it says “declare war” and not “decide to wage a half-baked war in Vietnam simply because we feel like it”)

12 April, 2022

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Poetry by Joe Biden

“Roses are red,
Violets are blue,
Why did the chicken cross the road?,
to get to Fidel Castro!”