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21 March, 2013

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This movie is about a girl who gets caught up in America’s hippie counterculture (by the way, notice how White suburbia is portrayed negatively in this film). Almost every counterculture leader in America was a Jew. Some, like Abbie Hoffman, were feet-in-the-street political leaders, while others wrote songs or published books/magazines. Some of them dreamed […]

17 March, 2013

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It ain’t your daddy’s Marine Corps anymore, but it is your mamma’s! [Article].

17 March, 2013

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Hollywood starlet #1: “I’m going to adopt a Black baby!” Hollywood starlet #2: “Me, too!” Hollywood starlet #3: “I’ve got two on order from Kenya!” Hollywood starlet #4: “Kenya?? You’re lucky. Mine’s from Chicago – not as dark and not nearly as chic.” [Article].

11 March, 2013

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They want you to “critically examine” your “White privilege” because the West can’t be completely conquered until Whitey is on his knees apologizing for being White [1]. [Article]. [1] about “critical theory”

9 March, 2013

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Some people might think that the sickness of Cultural Marxism (i.e. human equality) only infects the White countries [1]. Well, it did at first, but now, it’s starting to creep into “macho” non-White countries like Mexico. [Article]. [1] Cultural Marxism vs. Economic Marxism

8 March, 2013

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If women are “equal” to men, why do they need special laws to protect them? Also, what prevents the Violence Against Women Act from being used selectively and/or wrongly? This is just another weapon in the war on White men. [Article].

2 March, 2013

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People always say “we have free speech in this country.” Really? We do? Is that why every time a White man says something un-P.C., he’s punished? Where’s the “free speech”? (What they mean is, “non-Whites and women have free speech”). [Article].

26 February, 2013

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(Above: two of the “Frankfurt School” Jews, Adorno and Horkheimer. Political Correctness, which was designed to destroy Western culture and Western values, came from the Frankfurt School. These days, even conservatives spout Political Correctness) Conservative #1: “I’ve got the P.C. fever!” Conservative #2: “So do I!” Conservative #3: “Me, too! Fags and serial killers are […]

25 February, 2013

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If you refuse to hire them, you could face federal charges from the EEOC. If America were a sane country, private-property rights would pre-empt “civil-rights” laws such as those enforced by the EEOC [1]. Luckily for the Jews and leftists, America isn’t a sane country. [Article]. More about the EEOC: [Here]. [1] “Property must be […]

23 February, 2013

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Massachusetts is just like California, but further East. (The Soviet Union created the first modern “human equality” laws and also the first “hate crime” laws). [Article].