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5 June, 2010

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Jews don’t play nice, and more and more people are starting to notice that: [Article].

30 March, 2010

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You’ve heard the claims before: Jews are pushy wheeler-dealers who exploit gentiles and file lawsuits. Where, oh, where did those charges come from? [Obituary].

23 March, 2010

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by Hervé Ryssen. (Re: the old issue of ‘are-Jews-a-race-or-not?’: if one uses the federal government’s definition of race, then the Jews are a race. Go [Here] and scroll 7/8 down the page to “Q. What’s an ethnic group?”): [Article].

13 February, 2010

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A mention of “Jewish guilt” here. Even though you hear about Jewish guilt, it doesn’t exist in the real sense of the word “guilt.” Gentiles feel real guilt, like about driving through a red traffic light, or about failing to visit a sick friend promptly enough. Jews, on the other hand, 1) hen-peck each other […]

9 February, 2010

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Jewish things eventually become standard in the White countries: usury, extreme greed, central banking, Yiddish words (“you’re such a klutz, Larry”), and, best of all, pecker-pruning. What sort of people slice a dick and then suck the blood from it? It’s creepy. (Note that there is no medical benefit from circumcision, and there is a […]

7 January, 2010

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Accused Holocaust museum gunman James von Brunn, 89, has died while awaiting trial. This will greatly anger the Jews, who live for revenge against gentiles: [Article].

1 January, 2010

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“During the world war one of my sisters became a nurse in the great King’s County Hospital in New York City. One of her assignments there was to care for a ward of one hundred beds which contained old people on the verge of death. The average number of deaths was six each day. My […]

28 December, 2009

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Newbies, president Franklin D. Roosevelt’s “destroyers-for-bases” deal with Britain – which was vital to the waging of World War II – was hatched and nurtured by the Jewish lawyer/adviser Benjamin V. Cohen [1]: [Book Review]. [1] refers to Cohen’s July 1940 memo to Roosevelt titled “Memorandum Re: Sending Effective Material Aid to Great Britain with […]

27 December, 2009

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Sarah Goldpoop, Zionist activist and dual-citizenship-holder, says: “Well, I don’t care what Richard Reid said. Muslims hate America because we have such great deals on toilet products. Where else can you buy an enema with an extra rectal nozzle and two solution bags for only 89 cents? They’re just jealous.” [1]: [Article]. [1] convicted “shoe […]

23 December, 2009

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Latest twist in ‘reality’ shows: same-ethnic group house. In this case guidos convening to party on the boardwalk.  The guidos, while sad and demented, but social, are at least a cultural subset, happy in their proclivities, with pride. An NYT kike blogs about the show and the type, a professor responds: I teach Italian at […]