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16 December, 2006

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[Globalization has been taught in American schools for decades. Despite what the prof says, globalization is a net negative for Whites. Globalization = dollar first, race last. Cheap goods and cheap people is not as good as dear goods and dear people. The people realize this, but the interests of the transnational elite, dominated and […]

20 September, 2006

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[Memo to April Gaede. The website is owned by an ostensibly British band, and they make a big deal of their trademark registration. Do they or their operators intend to pull a Church of the Creator attack on your name? Real Prussian Blue’s blog.] Morality in the media universe follows laws as predictable as […]

29 August, 2006

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The NAFTA Superhighway: Coming Soon By Patrick J. Buchanan – August 29, 2006 This is a “mind-boggling concept,” exploded Lou Dobbs. It must cause Americans to think our political and academic elites have “gone utterly mad.” What had detonated the mild-mannered CNN anchor?