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29 November, 2015

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Listening to the global warming/climate change propaganda, you’d think that “everyone” is “on board” the Green Marxism gravy train [1]. But actually, the entire global warming/climate change movement is run by a few hundred leftists in the media, in foundations and in universities. They’re a small force, but very effective nonetheless. Never mind that there […]

15 September, 2015

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Notice how the negro presidential candidate Ben Carson is being championed by all sorts of people, Left and Right alike? They’re hoping three things: 1) Carson will overtake and beat Trump in the 2016 presidential election (doubtful); 2) Carson will “steal” enough votes from Trump to prevent Trump from winning the election; 3) Carson will […]

21 July, 2015

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This article is from April 2015. I just saw a mention on the news that the average American family spends $24,000 per year, per student, on college education. So not only are the students exposed to Marxist indoctrination, but their parents are spending big money for it [1]. Additionally, the man mentioned in the article, […]

25 June, 2015

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I found this while surfing around the internet, re: “White Privilege”: “In the meanwhile, nonwhites would avoid majority white neighborhoods, institutions, schools and workplaces, because they would be at a disadvantage in these places. Do we see this happening? Nope.” Great point. Why are Blacks and Browns rushing to get into White colleges and universities, […]

10 February, 2015

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“The word ‘racist’ is simply a Marxist construct, a ‘shut up’ word used to stifle debate.” — radio host James Edwards [1]. [1] the infamous Jewish communist, Leon Trotsky, coined the word “racist” in Chapter 1 of his book “The History of the Russian Revolution.” Some people claim that Trotsky didn’t actually coin the word, […]

9 February, 2015

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“We believe that celebrating a diverse New Zealand is not only the right thing to do but also makes good business sense given the make-up of our staff and customers.” What? Their staff and customers are probably 1% or 2% queer. So 98% of them aren’t queer. That is pure propaganda – which is to […]

29 December, 2014

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Ever since the 1991 Gulf War (a war waged for Israel’s benefit), relations between America and the Muslim world have been poor [1]. When the Muslims don’t like America, we are less safe. But America’s leaders say just the opposite: they say that we are more safe. That’s like saying that the Sahara Desert is […]

28 December, 2014

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(This article is from 2013, but I had not seen it until now). The Jews and the leftists are always creating new “facts” about Hitler in order to make him look bad and distort his legacy. About 90% of everything ever written about Hitler is pure baloney. [Article].

19 December, 2014

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Another “those evil Nazis” movie has come out, like “Fury” a couple of months ago. Why are there so many Nazi-themed movies being made today, 70 years after the fall of Hitler’s Germany? Because Jewish Hollywood is getting worried that the gullible, flag-waving “greatest generation” of Americans is dying off (admittedly, it is) and therefore […]

9 December, 2014

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First of all, Western culture is White culture, so there would be nothing wrong with “White privilege” anyway (White privilege may exist to some degree but most Whites are successful because they’re smart and were raised properly). Second of all, the field of sociology was pioneered by a Jew named Emile Durkheim. [Article].