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7 January, 2021

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Quoting Donald Trump on the upcoming Jan. 20 event: “Even though I totally disagree with the outcome of the election, and the facts bear me out, nevertheless there will be an orderly transition on January 20th. I have always said we would continue our fight to ensure that only legal votes were counted. While this […]

5 January, 2021

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The second part of the report, below, is called “The Art of the Steal”; part one of the report was called “The Immaculate Deception”; both can be downloaded at the link below. Note this vital piece of information from the report: “Key political operatives assisting the Democrat Party included Wall Street oligarch George Soros, Silicon […]

5 January, 2021

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The communist government is trying to catch the citizens making “counterrevolutionary comments” while they wait for hours in food lines (as if the 1959 communist revolution is still going on in Cuba! What kind of revolution lasts 62 years??). [Article].

5 January, 2021

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“We are going to lick that fellow Hitler. He isn’t going to get away with it.” — Jewish powerbroker Bernard Baruch to General George Marshall in 1938, one year before WWII began. The Germans tell the story. [a .PDF file].

5 January, 2021

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In some places in America, 50% of health-care workers are refusing the “safe” Covid-19 vaccine. That’s a litmus test of sorts for the vaccine: when health-care workers don’t want it, that tells you something. An even better test: are vaccine experts themselves getting the Covid-19 vaccinations? Not just recommending them, but getting them themselves? [Article].

5 January, 2021

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“The Jewish Strategy” by Revilo P. Oliver. [a .PDF file].

4 January, 2021

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I have a special hatred for the late communist bully Fidel Castro (indeed, for both Castros: his brother Raul, too). Why? Because Cuba is only 90 miles from America. That’s way too close. What’s the difference between a mafia boss and Fidel/Raul Castro? The Castros’ rule is called “legal”; a mafia boss doesn’t enjoy such […]

4 January, 2021

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(Above: Michael Wittmann [1914-1944]) Early Life First Campaigns Eastern Front Officer Training The Final Battle

4 January, 2021

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“Amen and Awomen”?? Hah-ha-ha! Liberals go crazy and end a century of tradition for PC reasons, knowing nothing of what they’re really saying. “Amen” is a very old word, meaning “so be it” or “it is true.” [Article/video].

4 January, 2021

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“I Started a Joke,” cover, by Allie Sherlock. [Song].