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12 January, 2019

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Black/Brown person: “As a person of color, I demand blah, blah, blah, and I also demand blah, blah, blah, and…hate, racism, hate, racism, muh civil rights, equality, reparations, blah, blah, blah…” You: “America is a White country. It was founded by White people. Are you White?” You’ve just won the “argument” by making a key […]

11 January, 2019

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“The package would focus on income inequality and climate change…” Oh, the law would be a package deal that includes green Marxism and “social justice” mandates? That figures. If implemented, this “updated New Deal” scheme will cost trillions of dollars (paid for, of course, by Whitey’s tax dollars. Can you imagine retrofitting every building in […]

10 January, 2019

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(This week’s William Pierce Wednesday item is being posted today instead) by Dr. William Pierce. […] “Eventually the White South African majority caved in under the weight of the hatred and voted to give away everything that their ancestors had worked, fought, and died to build for them: the only truly progressive country on the […]

10 January, 2019

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“Hands” is a 1980s Irish TV documentary series, spanning 37 episodes over the years, about goods made by hand in Ireland, e.g., wagon wheels, butter, knives, whetstones, shoes. Hands, Part 1 [Video, duration is 24:00 minutes] Hands, Part 2 [Video, duration is 23:00 minutes]

9 January, 2019

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World-wide, liberals are all about symbolism-over-substance. For example, leftists are much more likely to hang/display and burn effigies of their political opponents than rightists are. They’re much more likely to make up, and endlessly repeat, childish slogans that smear their opponents, such as when the queers began chanting “History will recall, Reagan did the least […]

9 January, 2019

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Where’s the “threat” on this “White racist” flyer? “Better dead than red” isn’t a threat per se. It’s not specific. The people who printed the flyer could even be referring to themselves, i.e., “we’d rather be dead than red.” [Article].

7 January, 2019

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(This message was inspired by a “let’s save the Brown people of the world” Christian TV commercial) Dear Brown People of the World (this includes negroes): Every day, the White world “must” come to your aid in some way. If there’s an earthquake, a flood, a drought, a famine, a disease epidemic, or a civil […]

7 January, 2019

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But he needs help with legal expenses. Why not donate to his cause? [Article].

6 January, 2019

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Jews are notorious for being cruel, for only caring about themselves. Indeed, according to Judaism, Jews look down upon gentiles as “unclean animals”; and look at how the Jews treat the Palestinians in Gaza; in fact, Gaza is a giant prison camp. Jews are also notorious liars and swindlers who lack “normal” morals and decency; […]

5 January, 2019

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“Ireland’s Minister of Justice and Equality Charlie Flanagan…” — oh, they’ve got a Minister of Marxism! How non-Western of them! When did Ireland become part of the Soviet Union? Just recently? Anyway, do you live in Ireland, and have you “emotionally abused” your wife? Then you’re under arrest for spousal abuse! (Even though you have […]