27 April, 2006

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By Frosty Wooldridge

April 27, 2006

This week, President Bush said in California there’s no way to deport millions of illegal aliens. He’s the one that opened the barn door and let them into our country. He’s the one that won’t close the door as tens of thousands pour into our nation weekly. Senator McCain, his sidekick and presidential wanna-be touts his ability to lead our nation with his bus ride “Straight Talk Express.” However, he promised the one-time amnesty in 1986 with a pledge to secure our borders. He failed us then and Bush fails us now-miserably.

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27 April, 2006

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They must hate each other. Isn’t that a crime? How come it’s never mentioned on national TV? Does anyone know?

Note that in the video the Principal pretends that fights were caused by “boredom from testing�. That’s right! The tests weren’t challenging enough for the apes and beaners so they decided to enliven the atmosphere by beating on each other- so she said with a straight face. “Hey, I’m bored. These tests are too easy. Want to duke it out?�


Police took over a dozen students into custody Wednesday as racial tension at San Leandro High School sparked a number of brawls between Latino and African-American students both on and off campus.

Officers rushed to the school at around noon after a large group of Latino students faced off with a similarly sized group of African-American students. The conflict resulted in fights at lunch, and after school.

27 April, 2006

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[More and more belts fall to Russians, as jews at ESPN go out of their way not to portray Whites as the tougher race they actually are. Too many decades of propaganda have been invested in depicting the cool, tough nigger to allow reality to intervene. You will never see a powerful blond male lead in a Hollywood movie unless he’s the bad guy. The good guys are reserved for squat swarthies such as Sandler.

As Steve B at VNNF notes re following story:

Whats interesting about this fight is not that Wladimir won, he beat Byrd badly several years ago, but now 3 of the 4 heavyweight champions are White guys.

WBC: Hasim Rahman

WBA: Nikolay Valuev

IBF: Wladimir Klitschko

WBO: Sergei Liakhovich

[Where’s the Nike commercial: They said a White man could never be heavyweight champ. They were wrong. Just do it.]

Klitschko wins IBF boxing title by knockout against Byrd

Vladimir Klitschko of Ukraine (R) and Chris Byrd of the U.S. (L)
Ukrainian Vladimir Klitschko snatched the International Boxing Federation heavyweight title from Chris Byrd with a technical knockout, felling the American twice in the seventh round Saturday in Germany.

Klitschko’s right hook finished off the American 41 seconds into the seventh round of the one-sided fight.

The 30-year-old Ukrainian took control of the fight from the second round and knocked Byrd down for the first time with a powerful left-right combination in the fifth round before flooring him again with another flurry two rounds later.

A disorientated Byrd got to his feet but the referee called a halt to the fight.

With the win, Klitschoko improved his record to 46-3 with 41 knockouts.

Klitschko beat Byrd, 35, in 2000 to win the World Boxing Organization (WBO) crown in Cologne but relinquished that title after an upset loss to South African Corrie Sanders in 2003.

“I never hit him, not the way he hit me,” Byrd admitted. “I was just so pumped up for the fight, it got the better of me. If I had to do it again I would go in there with a different strategy, but Vladimir will be hard to beat. He is very talented for a big man.”

“It [the match] was like a musician playing notes,” Klitschko said. “Everything we trained worked.”

Byrd said he would have to decide if he wanted to continue his career. He was taken to the hospital after the post-fight news conference for X-rays on his swollen face.

27 April, 2006

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As we’ve said before, the minute kikes draw response to their provocations it’s “us” under attack. Kikes are very generous that way. Sorry, Hyman, you and the Muslims are on your own. The commentator here is wet-eared Shappy Shapiro, famous for encouraging every member of his generation but himself to go die for Israel.


27 April, 2006

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Picture number five depicts the girl with the blue shirt as black. Can’t tell about the other one ’cause my video isn’t connecting.


Related To Story

Police in Fresno, Calif., are investigating video of a brutal fight between girls posted on MySpace.com showing a parent apparently watching the beating, according to Local 6 News.

27 April, 2006

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“There are no races, only the hyooman race. Oops, sounds speciesist. I mean, I mean, we’re all just primates…. I mean animals. I mean life forms. In any event, we’re all equal in the eyes of G-d. Some Jew wrote that down in a book and that makes it fact. Monkey-men should be allowed to vote and decide our fate, right?”

Shouldn’t this provoke a lawsuit by imitation monkeys? Don’t they acknowledge their relations when they are offended?

When Do The Monkeys Get To Vote? (Spain’s socialist party wants to give monkeys human rights)

The Spain Herald ^ | Wednesday, April 26, 2006 | Ignacio Villa

Posted on 04/27/2006 8:14:20 AM PDT by DaveLoneRanger

After learning of the Socialist Party’s interest in passing a parliamentary initiative that would equate men with monkeys, the obvious question is: are monkeys going to be allowed to vote in the next general elections? Knowing the socialists, all this interest in caring for simian has to have electoral echo among chimpanzees. It sounds like a joke, but sadly it is not. We have an administration that reduces individual freedom, disdains life and attacks the family. But wait… it has time enough to ensure primates get their due in Parliament.

27 April, 2006

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by Luke O’Farrell

Phony Tony, Petty Betty and the Chocolate Kike

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27 April, 2006

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Statement on Southern Poverty Law Center and Its Apparent Complicity in Oklahoma City Bombing by Attorney Larry Darby

WHEN elected Attorney-General for the State of Alabama, I intend to launch a thorough probe into possible illegal activities by the Southern Poverty Law Center (SoPo).  I believe a probe will expose evidence sufficient to empty SoPo’s coffers and run them out of the State of Alabama

I have obtained copies of FBI teletypes and other documents in an ongoing federal court case in Utah that indicate Morris Dees and SoPo had prior knowledge of the April 19, 1995 bombing of the Murrah Federal Building in Oklahoma City and failed to act responsibly, allowing the bombing to go forward, killing 168 persons.

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27 April, 2006

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Dysgenics a Reality

Reverse human evolution plausible, testable, U.S. biologist says

A much-derided theory that five people who walk on all fours are products of “backward evolution� is plausible, and testable, said a U.S. biologist who weighed in on the controversy last week.


The debate erupted last month after a Turkish scientist proposed that the five siblings in Turkey, who also speak what he called a primitive language, had undergone backward evolution. The claim met with skepticism, even jeers, from some fellow scientists. But Keith Crandall of Brigham Young University in Provo, Utah, said the idea is nothing extraordinary, calling it a “nice and testable hypothesis.�

Reverse evolution occurs when an organism returns to the genetic state of its ancestors, said Crandall, who wrote a paper on the topic in the Oct. 2003 issue of the research journal Trends in Ecology and Evolution. In that work, he wrote that reverse evolution is documented in various organisms, such as fish that lose their eyes after living in dark caves for generations.


27 April, 2006

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“Even if the world is turned upside down, the United States and Israel will see eye to eye.”
-Al Gore
“I have a 100 percent record – not a 99, a 100 percent record – of sustaining the special relationship and friendship that we have with Israel.”
-John Kerry
In this difficult time we must again reaffirm we are enlisted for the duration–and reaffirm our belief that the cause of Israel must be the cause of America–and the cause of people of conscience everywhere.
-John Forbes Kerry (grandfather’s name change from Kohn)
“Sharon just has him [President Bush] wrapped around his little finger,”
-Brent Scowcroft
The real reason America is in Iraq was revealed by Bush and Kerry in their recent debate on foreign policy. It can’t get any more clear than this:

BUSH: “A free Iraq will be an ally in the war on terror, and that’s essential. A free Iraq will set a powerful example in the part of the world that is desperate for freedom. A free Iraq will help secure Israel. A free Iraq will enforce the hopes and aspirations of the reformers in places like Iran. A free Iraq is essential for the security of this country.”

KERRY: “Soldiers know over there that this isn’t being done right yet. I’m going to get it right for those soldiers, because it’s important to Israel, it’s important to America, it’s important to the world, it’s important to the fight on terror.”