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26 February, 2013

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(Above: two of the “Frankfurt School” Jews, Adorno and Horkheimer. Political Correctness, which was designed to destroy Western culture and Western values, came from the Frankfurt School. These days, even conservatives spout Political Correctness) Conservative #1: “I’ve got the P.C. fever!” Conservative #2: “So do I!” Conservative #3: “Me, too! Fags and serial killers are […]

7 February, 2013

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The GOP, on a city street corner: “Hey, big boy, looking for a little excitement? I’m your girl!” Mexican man: “Well, maybe. But you gotta promise to stop acting like a White chick!” The GOP: “Ok, it’s a deal. No more Whiteness from me. I’ll even dye my hair black!” [Article].

14 February, 2012

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For 40 years, the conservative movement thought that it could “nice its way to success” by not attacking Jews but instead attacking “liberals” and “leftists,” even though the Left was built and run mostly by Jews. The result of that politeness campaign? By 1985 Jews had gained control of most of America, including the conservative […]

9 January, 2012

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Judaism – a creed of hate posing as ‘just another religion’ – will not be criticized by either the Left or the Right, which means it has a free pass in the Western world, unlike Christianity or Islam. [Article].

18 December, 2011

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“Our leveling instincts are so developed that men and women are allowed celebrity, but, outside the realms of entertainment and sports, rarely are they permitted superiority. Great men are no longer admired, unless they learn how to disguise their greatness.” — from the book “Slouching Towards Gomorrah” (New York; ReganBooks, 1996/1997) by Robert H. Bork, […]

28 August, 2011

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Jews are making inroads into the Tea Party movement. But who is surprised? Notice that this group’s event concerns a foreign country (Israel). Newbies, there’s a saying among White nationalists, paraphrasing: “Any movement that isn’t ‘anti-Semitic’ will eventually be taken over by Jews” (e.g., the conservative movement, which was run by gentiles in the 1950s/1960s […]

15 August, 2011

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Tea-partier #1: “Jesus was a Jew.” Tea-partier #2: “Thomas Jefferson was a Zionist.” Tea-partier #3: “Radical muslims are colonizing the moon.” Tea-partier #4: “America stands with Israel!”

1 June, 2011

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When you consider the fact that 99% of all intellectuals are either Jews or Marxists, you can understand why the West is so screwed up. Sure, there are a few “conservative” intellectuals around, but they’re really neocons. The only real conservative intellectual these days is Bork, but he isn’t a WN. (This article is from […]

11 May, 2011

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What’s that old saying? “No good deed goes unpunished.” In a democrazy, retards can vote, so it’s possible that Russell Pearce will be recalled. By the way, it isn’t just liberals and Mexicans who dislike Pearce. Some conned-servatives don’t like him, either, for various reasons, e.g., laws such as SB1070 would dry-up the cheap, Mexican […]

27 August, 2010

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The Movement was last seen in 1979, riding in a car with a couple of “conservative” Jews. Relatives of the Movement suspect “something fishy” has happened, but of course they’re not sure exactly what. If you’ve seen the Conservative Movement, call…somebody: [Article]. [Article].