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9 December, 2016

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But yet, American colleges from California to Maine are teaching anti-White “Whiteness Studies.” Colleges that teach Marxist propaganda need to be either de-funded or closed by the federal government until they stop teaching it. Anti-White teachings lead, as we have seen in Europe, to White genocide, and such genocide is outlawed by the 1951 Geneva […]

19 August, 2016

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(Above: Sigmund Freud. Upon his arrival in America, Freud said: “They don’t understand that I’m bringing them the plague”). Freud ended up being nearly as dangerous to Western culture as Karl Marx. The Frankfurt School used a mixture of Freud and Marx to create a poisonous ideology: “Through Fromm, Freudian psychoanalysis became a significant component […]

16 May, 2015

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(Above: Jewish intellectual Max Horkheimer) News reporter: “Thanks, Pamela. I’m here talking to Frank. He’s a school teacher in Chicago. He used to be a guy. Then he became a girl. But now, he’s a guy again.” Frank: “Actually, that’s not correct. Last Tuesday, I became a girl once more. But then again, there’s no […]

16 February, 2014

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But they don’t call it “Marxism.” They call it “equality.” Call it what you will, it aims to “level” society so that all humans are the same. It aims to destroy Western (i.e., White male) culture, just like regular Marxism, except regular Marxism was economic, while this is social/cultural: “In recent weeks, French parents have […]

20 December, 2013

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Jews and leftists took over the universities decades ago because they know how important it is to fill young, impressionable minds with bullshit. How disgusting it is that the things that White males created (universities) are now used to attack White male culture [1][2]. [Article]. [1] the first “modern” university was the University of Bologna, […]

17 November, 2013

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It seems strange that anyone would want to abolish the most successful race in history. White people gave the world to mankind, e.g., they gave it democracy (yeah, I know), the telescope, the lightbulb, the phonograph, the telephone. You name it, Whites invented it [1]. (Asians are smart, but they aren’t very creative, they just […]

14 November, 2013

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(Above: The Frankfurt School’s Horkheimer [left] and Adorno congratulate each other on a job well done, i.e., the wrecking of White culture) “Critical theory, critical pedagogy, has been an increasingly prominent perspective on schooling for four decades or more in universities…There is a distinct racial dimension to all of this, and to get at that […]