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15 July, 2011

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Liberals are funny people. They say they’re for freedom-of-choice, but yet they want to make everything compulsory. The good side of this law is: thousands of parents will start homeschooling their kids. Or, they may flee California entirely. [Article].

17 June, 2011

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A human blights committee champions faggotry – with encouragement from the U.S. State Department. Since global government is illegal (a violation of natural sovereignty), why did they waste their time passing this resolution? (a trick question). [Article].

9 May, 2011

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The West: a region developed and run by White men. The Waste: a region developed by White men, but run by Jews, Blacks, Browns, women and fags. [Article].

26 February, 2011

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They need to teach it quickly, before too many people realize that it’s Cultural Marxism [1]. (Wonder if the queer sensitivity training will cover “fisting” and “bug-chasing”?): [Article]. [1] as opposed to regular/economic Marxism

26 December, 2010

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In an equalocracy, no less! (I guess some equalocracies are more equal than others): [Article].

18 December, 2010

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“Gay pride” events on Marine Corps bases? That idea would’ve been funny 25 years ago. Now, in a huge victory for cultural Marxism, homosexuals will be able to serve openly in the U.S. military. (Trivia: the pro-homosexual lobby is overwhelmingly Jewish): [Article].

6 August, 2010

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Another federal judge voids another state law. Why do states even exist? Why doesn’t the federal government just dissolve all of the states and then rename America? Here’s a possible name: “People’s Democratic Republic of Boasheimer” (after Franz Boas and Max Horkheimer): [Article].

16 July, 2010

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Even “macho,” Catholic countries are following NWO/JWO guidelines: [Article].

24 May, 2010

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Left-wing, right-wing – it doesn’t matter which side you’re on. There’s one rule that everyone must follow: Never Offend The Jews: [Article].

1 May, 2010

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But homosexual leaders – the majority of them Jews – need not fret. In a few decades, every part of American society will be “queered”: [Article].