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2 March, 2011

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Who’s responsible for the death of White-ruled South Africa? Yids. And, big surprise: former South African Jews ignore, and even encourage, apartheid in Israel: [Article].

26 February, 2011

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They need to teach it quickly, before too many people realize that it’s Cultural Marxism [1]. (Wonder if the queer sensitivity training will cover “fisting” and “bug-chasing”?): [Article]. [1] as opposed to regular/economic Marxism

24 February, 2011

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Gee, you’d have to be really drunk to say that Jews start wars… [Article].

19 February, 2011

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Roosevelt staffer and labor-union “co-godfather” Sidney Hillman, a Jew, pioneered the idea of using labor unions – especially union money – for political purposes. So today, unions and left-wing politics are inseparable, like two peas in a pod. Thanks, Sid! Hillman must be smiling in his grave now as union political power closes down the […]

30 January, 2011

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If the U.S. had a sane foreign policy, the turmoil in Egypt wouldn’t be our concern. Unfortunately, the U.S. has a crazy foreign policy which revolves around safeguarding Israel. Egypt and Israel have fought each other in two wars (in 1967 and 1973), both of which Israel started, either directly or indirectly. Currently, America pays […]

31 December, 2010

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How many times can Jews rape a country? In Russia’s case, at least twice: once under Bolshevism and once again under capitalism (there’s a lesson there). Khodorkovsky is one of the original “oligarchs” — a half-dozen Jews who, in the 1990s, hijacked Russia’s economy and its natural resources for their own gain. Some of the […]

15 December, 2010

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What kind of a guy can be a Peace Corps volunteer and an investment banker and threaten the Serbs as a U.S. diplomat? A Jew, that’s what kind. Like hookers, Jews “get around.” Don’t let the apple-pie surname “Holbrooke” fool you. God’s Chosen are mask-wearers and shape-shifters, becoming whatever they need to become in order […]

22 November, 2010

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Holy bagels. My theory that “anyone can become mayor of Chicago” might need to be re-examined [1]. Emanuel was formerly a soldier in the Israel Defense Forces. [Article]. More about Emanuel [Here]. [1] given that city’s political history

9 September, 2010

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Right from the horse’s mouth, so to speak… [Article].

8 September, 2010

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1. Anarcho-Zionism [Here]. 2. Policing the Elites [Here].