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6 October, 2008

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Is Romania also going to build a memorial to all of the gentiles who were murdered by the Jewish communists? [1]: [Article]. [1] a list of Jews in the Romanian, communist government (scroll about 3/4 down the page): [Here]

10 June, 2008

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Nazism – i.e., National Socialism – and fascism were merely reactions to Jewish Bolshevism and internationalism. Nothing more. But that fact is never mentioned in the press. Since Zionism is a type of National Socialism, and since Judaism is based on racism, may we expect Canadian Jews to be declared by the government to be […]

18 November, 2007

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Margolis says what other writers should have been saying decades ago [1]: [Article]. [1] according to the Zundelsite, Margolis is half-Jewish: [Here]

13 September, 2007

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It isn’t likely that Israel will aid in the investigation of any Jew. Indeed, recall the case of the infamous Salomon (a.k.a. Solomon) Morel, a communist Jew who committed horrible crimes against gentiles and who later fled to Israel [1]. In almost all cases, Israel is a safe haven for any Jew accused of a […]

15 June, 2007

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“To the first group must now be added Marxism – a creed, like the others, of violence, a religion derived ultimately from Judaism.” — from the book “East and West” (New York; Mentor Books, 1965) by historian C. Northcote Parkinson, p. 241.

5 May, 2007

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The correct name for the war that virtually doomed White culture by unleashing Big Jew. Sure, B.J. was powerful before 1945. But afterwards, Big Jew saw that the road to Domination Of The West – which was kinda bumpy before – was freshly paved and completely clear. Nazi Germany (and Nazi ideas in other White […]

14 April, 2007

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Sports is politics by other means. By Alex Linder The past few years have seen Major League Baseball (MLB) attempt to turn the first black MLB player into a saint, nay, god. It’s another example of judeo-communism, American style. Jackie Robinson Day (April 15) is baseball’s MLK day – the day on which baseball does […]