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9 April, 2015

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Rolling Stone magazine is being sued by the University of Virginia’s Phi Kappa Psi fraternity. The “militantly Jewish” writer of the article may also be sued. [Article].

17 December, 2014

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Non-Whites helping non-Whites in a White country – it figures. Of course, the lamestream media was overjoyed with the #illridewithyou Twitter message. Now, the non-White girl who created it, Tessa Kum, (above) will no doubt want to get rid of most of the items she owns, since evil White men invented them: her computer, her […]

25 April, 2012

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…even though a witness says Saint Trayvon was invoked during the attack. [Article].

15 April, 2012

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Want proof that the American media is morally bankrupt and therefore has absolutely no right to yell about the injustices done to the negro Trayvon Martin? Here it is: Cuba. For years, innocent people from all walks of life (Black, Brown and White, i.e., White Spaniards) have been rotting in filthy prisons in Cuba. Their […]

22 March, 2012

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Is the media outraged because a negro was shot? No, Blacks shoot Blacks every day in America. The media is outraged because 1) the alleged shooter wasn’t Black (in the eyes of the press, any non-Black shooter is a racist), and 2) the shooter was part of a neighborhood-watch effort (to the media, this is […]

16 August, 2009

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How can you tell when a Jew is lying? His lips are moving. Another Jewish media lie about Hitler is exposed as a fake. Big surprise. Almost every “fact” about The Fuhrer is baloney: [Article].

12 August, 2009

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Our culture is guided by endless media campaigns that are designed to “teach” us “morality,” especially regarding race, e.g., the 1991 Rodney King beating in Los Angeles: [Article].

30 December, 2008

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Mychal Bell fired a shot into his chest after being arrested for shoplifting: [Article].

28 November, 2008

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According to crime statistics, Blacks are 8 times more likely to commit violent crime than Whites are. Does the media ever tell you that? In fact, this anchorwoman case is much more interesting when you realize that the TV news media has been a key player in the movement to convince Americans that Blacks are […]

5 December, 2007

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