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16 December, 2013

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(An item on the internet about federal power inspired this post) America’s constitution guarantees us a republican form of government [1]. Republican government is “public government with a written constitution” (as opposed to government by a king, or by elite millionaires, with no constitutional guarantees). But wait: it was elite millionaires, under the influence of […]

7 November, 2012

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Democracy = any idiot can vote. [Article] and [Article].

29 May, 2010

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Think this would be happening if America was still a White republic run by White men? [Article].

20 December, 2009

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Why is democracy called a good thing? Is cancer also a good thing? Democracy means “any idiot can participate in politics.” That’s what it meant in ancient Athens (the birthplace of democracy, where politicians were chosen by lot, i.e., at random, which was “equality” that any Marxist today would applaud) and that’s what it means […]

10 August, 2009

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by Michael O’Meara. […] “Without an organizational presence in the real world and with a ‘public’ largely of computer hobbyists, white nationalists at present have no hope of actually mobilizing the white populace in opposition to the existing anti-white regime. Rather, their immediate goal is to prepare the way for the development of a revolutionary […]

9 September, 2008

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The word “democracy” is so popular that even communists use it. But, some bad news: Here’s what our constitution says about the type of government that we Americans were given: “The United States shall guarantee to every state in this union a republican form of government…” (Article 4, Section 4). Democracy = idiots can vote […]

2 August, 2008

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by Charley Reese: [Here].

2 December, 2007

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What was once a common-sense idea – i.e., everyone in the workplace speaking the same language – has become controversial. (That’s what happens when a White republic run by White men becomes a multicultural “democracy” run by Jews, negroes, Mexicans, women and queers). An amendment to the now-delayed bill would protect businesses from Equal Employment […]